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How to Create an Order in Google Sheets?

A good exchange of communication is essential in every business activity. To carry out smooth business operations, wholesalers, manufacturers, service providers, or direct-mail retailers, must provide the best customer service to their target market. Business transactions are made more accessible through order forms. These forms are commonly provided to customers who purchase products and avail of various kinds of services. Order forms are used for vehicle order, catering order, maintenance work order, stationery order, job order, purchase order, among others. Order forms are written to specify specific requirements and needs when requesting merchandise and services.

The advantages of providing order forms to the customers are numerous. First, the company can list out in detail all the products and services in detail. Second, custom-made order forms can save up time because customers can easily indicate what they need. Lastly, order forms are downloadable and can be printed out by both service providers and customers.

1. Make a clean layout

Don't confuse your customers with complicated design elements; go for a clean and comprehensive layout. Use readable fonts so that people of all ages may read through every detail. According to, manipulating the customer's attention on a page can be done through a valid page layout that conveys meaning, sequence, and points of interaction. Also, clean design can be made possible through the use of Google Sheets. With this editing platform, you can access smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format your blank job order forms, purchase requisition forms, or employment order forms.

2. Provide Options

When customers are provided with a handful of options, they either get overwhelmed or overjoyed. However, a study by Stanford Graduate School of Business marketing professor Itamar Simonson finds that people do in fact like bigger selections — but a lot depends on where they are in the decision-making timeline. Your order forms should enumerate options that would cater to the needs of your stakeholders.

3. Place Company Name and Logo

The order form that you provide for your customers must include your company name and logo. Establish your reputation even on your order form and other office stationery. Placing these details will foster trust and credibility with your customers.

4. Give out Contact Information

Contact details must be accessible by your customers so that placing their orders and requests will be made more accessible. Contact details can be in the form of email addresses, calling numbers, websites, etc. It's also highly suggested to assign someone to monitor these lines. Answering customers' needs should be fast-paced, making them feel prioritized. In addition, you must also provide space where customers can put their own contact details. Once the order has been mailed, both parties can still keep in touch with each other.

5. Provide Space for Signatories

Though it's not at all required, signatories can are incorporated into your order form layout. Signatures signify that an agreement or contract has been made; therefore, it must be followed. It is also a tool for assuring the legal validity of documents.