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How to Create an Order in Apple Pages

In the business industry, an order form is a document that is used by the customers to request certain merchandise from a specific wholesaler, manufacturer, and retailer. It is a certain summary of the customer's need in an organized manner. It is a stated intention of the customer to be engaged in commercial transactions for goods and services. An order may also be defined in two ways such as purchase order is when the customer expresses the intention to buy goods and sales order is the seller's point of view to sell. If these two come together, the orders become a contract between the customer and the seller.

An order can also be used in various ways such as change order, where the customer decided to change his or her order together with the reason for the change and the prices. It can also be used for T-shirt orders, purchase orders or even orders of services. An effective order form helps the customers to have a fast and easy experience ordering from your shop. You can also use this for your online businesses.

Do you need to create an order form for your business? With Apple Pages, you can create an order form that gathers the order information from your customers in an organized and easy way. Here are the following steps for you to be guided.

1. Make a Draft

In running a business, everything must be organized in a formal document manner. As mentioned in, 50% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t anticipate their needs. Make a draft for you to have a layout of your order form that will guide your costumer's needs. You may also consider including the prices in the form.

2. Provide the Requestor Details

Providing the requestor details is very important in the order form. This will help you determine who your customers are with the use of their contact information such as their name, phone numbers, addresses, date or any other necessary details. With this, you will be able to contact them as soon as their sample orders are ready.

3. Add an Order Section

While making the entire order form in Apple Pages, make sure to add an order section or a request section for your customers to provide their intentions in your business. It is also important to specify every product and service you are offering to the customers. If you are aiming to have an order of service, provide a section for your customer to guide them whether it is for complaint, returns, and so on. As mentioned from, the top five things that influence buying decisions are the lowest price, enhanced delivery options, easy return policy, payment options, ability to see inventory availability, and information about the product and service.

4. Specify the Payment Details

This will be your basis on how to get paid by your customer through an order form. Add this section in Apple Pages and customize by providing salient details like the total amount that must be paid, credit card numbers or cheque number. According to a U.S. Bank study (, a whopping 82% of failed businesses is because of cash flow problems.

5. Include Approval Form

The approval form is a small part of your form that is preferably on the last part. Add this section to conform to your customer's request/s with his or her signature on the form. As mentioned, an order form will also serve as the contract between the seller and the customer. This will also consider that the customer is legitimate with the requests.