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How to Create a Satisfactory Order?

One of the things that keeps a business running is sales. In that case, more sales mean more income, that is why a company's aim is to acquire more orders because it lifts the sales. Competition is high in the market, so you really have to keep up in order to keep your name on top. In the year 2015, retailing through digital outlets rose to 23%, where most of the gains have gone to online merchants. Amazon, the largest beneficiary, is now responsible for 26 percent of all retail sales online.

Thus, here's something to guide you in creating a good and comprehensive order. Scroll down now!

1. Work on the Format

Since you are starting from scratch, decide first on the size and other technical aspects of your simple order. Give emphasis on the elements so that it can easily be identified. In that case, nothing will be skipped and neglected. Most importantly, do not forget to put your company's logo, and slogan if there is, at the top for formality and reliability. Also, your institution's address and contact information so that all you have to do next are the significant information, especially money-related stuff.

2. Get Down to Details

Now that you already did the format, you now have a foundation in building your purchase order. All you have to do next is to supply it with the necessary information. There are a lot of things to input here such as your company's information, shipping methods (if applicable), terms and conditions, and a lot more. Be keen on inputting the data because a little mistake could create a discrepancy and bring a stain on your establishment's credibility. Above all, be meticulous on encoding and computing the products that are being purchased and the prices and its total.

4. Determine the Order Number and Date

Always include an order number and date in the document that you are making so that you can easily track down the data when reviewing the sales and for reference if there will be trouble in the future. You can use alphanumeric codes for the order numbers, but make sure that they are in chronological order to avoid confusion and puzzlement. Moreover, assure that the date that you are putting is the actual date when that printable order is made and not something that is all made up to avoid questions on your company's trustworthiness.

5. Input the Seller's Information

There are establishments that house several shops. In the online world, sites like Amazon, Zalora, Lazada, and Shopee contain various shops where people can browse and shop. With that being said, it is important for a customer to know the details, such as the seller's name, contact number, and address, of the particular shop that they are transacting and not just the general website or company.

6. Define Payment Methods and Terms and Conditions

It is important to indicate the method of payment so that your buyers will know where to pay. If it is through payment centers, banking, e-wallets, or remittance centers, it is all up to you as long as it is clear and specific. Also if the products are for shipment, make sure that you have included shipping in the methods and the instructions for it. Moreover, put comprehensive terms and conditions for the benefit and information of your customers.