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What is a Presentation?

A presentation is an act of presenting a topic or a subject to an audience in an orderly manner. Nowadays, when using the term presentations, they commonly refer to slideshow presentations. Slideshows are a tool that organizes text and graphics, which you can use during a presentation or reporting. 

How to Create an Effective Presentation

Making impactful presentations can be a task that is easier said than done. A well-made presentation should be both informative and interesting. Using Google Slides is a good platform for creating slideshows. With it, you have access to quality graphics and fonts that will be beneficiary to making your presentation.  

1. Know your Presentation Topic

Before you can start making your presentation, you should know your presentation topic well. Aside from this being able to help you make your slideshow, this will help you during the actual reporting of the topic. Being able to deliver a good presentation should serve to impress your audience well (apart, of course, from making a good slideshow presentation).   

2. Keep It Simple and Clean

Slideshow presentations with too much text and graphics are guaranteed to give your audience a headache. Keep things short, sweet, and simple. Presentations that are too long can bore your audience. Make sure you can cover all your topics by making your presentation as concise as possible. Putting too many things within the presentation can also distract the audience from the main point.  

3. Use Bullet Points

A common mistake people often make when creating presentations is typing in complete sentences and paragraphs. This is not the right way to create detailed and informative slides. Doing this will only make your slideshow appear cluttered up and messy. Instead, you should use bullet points. Instead of using complete sentences, try to express your main ideas and points with words and short phrases.

4. Use High-quality Graphics 

A great way to catch the attention of your audience is to use high-quality graphics. Accordingly, 91% of people admit that having a well-designed slideshow makes them feel more confident in giving out reports and presentations. Using graphics is an awesome way to improve the overall design of your slideshow.  

5. Choose an Appropriate Color Scheme

Making beautifully designed presentations require sticking to an appropriate color scheme. Clashing colors in a company presentation can look off-putting and strange. This can also draw away the audience from the content of the slideshow. A tip: Using bright neon colors are not a good idea!   

6. Be Relevant

Stick to your topic. The attention span of an adult lasts for about seven minutes. Knowing this, you should find ways to keep their attention on you and your topic. Avoid discussing points that aren't relevant to the main subject. Doing this can stray the attention of people, making your whole presentation a moot one. 

7. Confidence is the Key!

Did you know that 31% of people in a survey admit that public speaking scares them? A good start to overcoming this is to make a great slideshow presentation. Rely on and have confidence in the slideshow you made, and you should be fine.