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How to Make a Presentation in Apple Keynote

Creating a presentation is not an easy task; it requires your understanding of the topic, a bit of creative writing, and a lot of preparation. Be it corporate, real estate, or sales presentations, they all have one thing in common; for them to be effective, they must be impactful enough that the audience stays, and straightforward enough that the audience knows exactly what you're pitching. A great way to make sure your preparation goes well is if you use a good format like Apple Keynote. Apple Keynotes is the best editing format on Mac for presentation making as it not only allows you to view your presentation and check if there are a few things you want to edit or change, but it also comes with plenty of features to help you in creating high-quality work such as amazing layouts, the ability to add sound clips to your presentation, as well as make it more interesting with lots of animations to choose from. So now that you have an idea on how to make a presentation, here are a few pointers for you:

1. Understand Your Topic Well

According to, "The amount of effort you put into your preparation will determine the quality of your work." Research your topic and know it well. If, for example, your topic is about digital marketing, then research SEOs, digital campaign strategies, and anything related to digital marketing

2. Do a Bit of Storytelling

What's the point of a well-prepared presentation that you put hours into making if your audience can't even pay attention for 5 minutes? Don't just state facts and information, you'll sound boring; instead, spice things up with a bit of creative writing. This doesn't mean "don't include facts," rather, find clever ways to make the facts more attractive such as simple catchphrases and wordplay.

3. Be Concise yet Appealing

A good presentation doesn't need to use complicated words or blocks of text to be able to meet the previous step. Be straightforward to make sure everyone understands where you stand. Apple's Keynote on Mac can help you through its various options and tools. Most importantly, however, is that it allows you to create drafts of your work that you can edit as you go on creating content for your presentation.

4.Think about Your Audience

Again, when you're creating your presentation, try to think about the impact this will have on your audience; is it good? Does it catch their attention? Do they see the main objective of your marketing strategy? Again, what's the purpose of an on-point presentation if the audience is snoring half the time?

5. Proofread Your Presentation

When you're finished, take the time to review your marketing presentation. You can do this on Keynotes by going to the toolbar and clicking the Slide Navigator. After that sit back and watch. Take notes of things you want to edit and repeat this process until you are happy with your work.

Now that you're satisfied with your work, you can start working on how to deliver your presentation. Also, for your convenience, our website is full of templates that are compatible with Keynotes, and other formats; all 100% customizable and printable to fit any of your needs.