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How to Make a Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint

When you say presentation, it comes with the word PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a presentation program that consists of a collection of slides that contain information on the presented topic. It is used to create a professional format. It also provides an illustrative touch to your presentation. It is commonly used in business meetings and usually for educational and training purposes. Microsoft PowerPoint has the components all you need in making product sales proposals, training proposals, etc. According to Robert Gaskins (creator of Microsoft PowerPoint), there are more than 120 million people who use MS Powerpoint for business presentations worldwide. In that case, MS PowerPoint is your best resort to make your presentation. To guide you with your journey to a presentation, here are steps in making a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.

1. Brainstorm

Everything will start from the basics even in a presentation. The quality of your presentation is most directly related to the quality of your preparation. Squeeze your creative juices, and scribbling some pieces of information would be a big help in producing a convincing presentation. Mistakes are inevitable, but they will serve as your drive to polish your presentation.

2. Know Your Audience

You have to understand your audience's preference. You must consider their needs, desired style, and vocabulary when you design your presentation. Audience variations are unavoidable, and an effective way to overcome differences is to create a persona. It embodies the audience as a whole. You can derive your arguments with strong shreds of an evidence base on your persona. Create at least 3 concrete arguments with strong evidence to keep a business or marketing presentation prompt.

3. Emphasize Your Purpose 

Everything you opt to do has a purpose. Clarify the purpose of your presentation whether it can be a marketing proposal or an event sponsorship proposal presentation. In your presentation, you will go through a conversion process and the end result follows. Make sure that your conversion process will fall into your purpose.

4. Choose Your Setting

The milieu is a big factor in a presentation. To deliver a suitable presentation, know the "where" factor in your presentation. It can be in a professional environment like business presentations or in a common environment like schools. Understanding the setting helps you come up with an appealing presentation or creative pitch deck because it is relatable to the environment. 

5. Define Your Content

Present relatable examples in your presentation to trigger someone's consciousness in your presentation. In that way, your lesson, business, or sales presentations will be memorable. An element of surprise also is a great tip because it causes excitement to your audience. You can insert anything you want, from images to even animations like GIFs.

6. Create an Outline

Now that you have organized your main components needed in your presentation, you can now create your outline. Your sample presentation outline must have the basics of a presentation. It must have an interesting opening, an exciting climax, and a memorable ending. After formulating, you can go to your computer and open your Microsoft PowerPoint application. You can start creating your modern and creative yet informative slide. It is the best application you can use to make your marketing presentation come to life.