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What Is a Proposal?

A proposal, specifically a business proposal, is a document that a businessman uses to persuade a potential buyer into availing of whatever they're trying to offer. Proposals are considered to be the key element in the sales process wherein a seller often offers more to the buyer for the same or slightly higher price. There are three types of proposals, the formally solicited, informally solicited, and the unsolicited.

How to Write a Proposal in Apple Pages

Make sure everything goes well when you're writing your proposal using iMac's word processing tool, Pages. The best thing about using Apple Pages when writing documents is that it is very easy to learn. In fact, improvements in stability have been made to make sure the application is much easier to use. Another advantage of using Apple Pages is that it easily syncs to your iCloud, which means you'll be able to access it on any Apple device even if you're on the go. To learn how to make your own proposals using Apple Pages, refer to the guidelines below.

1. Determine the Type of Proposal

Are you planning on writing a proposal that's formally solicited? Informally solicited? Or Unsolicited? For those who aren't quite familiar with these types, a formally solicited proposal is one that is written to published requirements. On the other hand, an informally solicited proposal is often the result of the conversations between the seller and the prospective buyer. Lastly, unsolicited proposals are basically marketing brochures and are considered to be generic.

2. Determine your Audience

Before writing your business proposal, think about your potential readers and consider what they already know or what they need to know about your topic. This way, you'll be able to focus on specific ideas and present them to your audience effectively. To give you an idea, ask yourself who will be reading your proposal, what you want them to get from it, and how you can effectively get your message across.

3. Identify Your Issue and Solution

The issue may already be clear to you but is it also clear to the reader? Use evidence-based statements and facts when identifying the issues, but make sure to include only details that are relevant to the topic. Once the issue has been made clear, you will also need to identify the solution, and it should be written straightforwardly. Your solution should always be realistic and attainable.

4. Launch Apple Pages and start a new document

After preparing the draft of your proposal, open Apple Pages and start a new document. You may be offered to use a template with your proposal but you can always make one from scratch. Here, you can also start setting up the font type and size that you will be using. If you prefer to use a proposal template, placeholders will already be included where you can add your text.

5. Write your Proposal and Proofread Your Work Afterward

Now, you can finally start your proposal writing based on the issues and solutions that you have identified earlier. If placeholders are present, you may use them to easily distinguish the heading, subheading, and the main body of the content. After writing your proposal, always take the time to proofread it for errors and coherence. A well-written proposal can help convince your reader that your offer is indeed worth availing.

6. Print or Share Your Proposal

If you plan on printing your proposal, you can do so right after proofreading your work. Afterward, you can then present your printed proposal to your target market or audience and wait for their approval. However, you can also share your finished proposal directly without having to print it, just make sure to save it in a file format that's versatile and is fully supported by various applications.