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How to Create a Receipt on Google Sheets

Receipts serve as a document for the payments of customers and a record of sale for establishments. You can have your receipt handwritten on a piece of paper or have a digital ready-made and printable receipt. A receipt can be used anywhere, you can have a hotel receipt, donation receipt, food receipt, and sales receipt. In receipt-making, there are certain elements that should be present. Check the guide below to know what elements are needed to create your own business receipt.

1. Place Logo and Business Name

Your receipt should include your establishment's name or even your logo. This will help your customers identify that the receipt they have on-hand is from your establishment. Inputting your business logo and name can help serve as proof that the purchased product of the customer is truly from your establishment. Logos and business' names are usually placed on the upper part of the receipt.

2. Input Additional Information About Business

It is a good technique to input more information about your business in your receipts. For example, you may add your social media accounts or the location of your store. This will help your customers to contact you or know more about your business.

3. Specify Date of Purchase and Receipt Number

Specifying the date of the said purchase and its receipt number can help you keep track of your sales. Always reset the date of your receipts every day for an easier auditing process of your sales. Every bill receipt has its own unique receipt number. If you intend to buy a receipt book, they usually have their own receipt number. But, if you want a digital receipt, then have your receipt number begin from 001. Some businesses would include a barcode, placed on the bottom part of the receipt, which would make it easier for establishments to scan for information about a product or service.

4. Include Name of Customer and Billing Details

It is better to include in your blank receipts the name of the customer. Having information about your customer and their billing details on the receipt makes it easier in contacting them if need be. With the growing popularity of using credit and debit cards in purchasing, found out that 68 percent of buyers prefer using credit and debit cards in purchasing.

5. Write or Print Purchased Products and Costs

Your receipt cannot be called a receipt if it does not write or print the products that were purchased. A receipt is a way for your customers to have a record of the product or service they bought. The name of the purchased product is placed on the left side of the order form or receipt and to the right side of the product is its price. List the purchased products and their costs in a row to make your receipt orderly.

6. Include Grand Total

When purchasing a lot of items, a grand total would be listed after all the purchased products are encoded into the system. The subtotal is different from a grand total. A subtotal is simply the combined price of the product orders while the grand total is the overall calculation of the subtotal and the product taxes and other additional charges such as the shipping. It is usually listed right after the subtotal.

If you think that you are ready to make a purchase order form or receipt, then I suggest you use the software, Google Sheets. Google Sheets can be accessible on your computer and phone. It is a great and easy-to-use tool to make receipts with!