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How To Write A Reference Letter In Apple Pages

A reference letter, also known as a letter of reference or a recommendation letter is a written document (printed or digital) that contains an assessment, characteristics, qualities, and capabilities of an individual. Reference letters don't only limit to employment set-up. It can also be used in business, academic, immigration documents, court, and personal use.

If you opt to make a recommendation letter for your use, make sure to check on our recommendation letter templates above. We also provided below a how-to guide on how you can write an effective reference letter.

1. Choose And Open Apple Pages Application

If you are looking for the best application software for your document type of project like letters, then Apple Pages would be your best program to use. Apple Pages offers a wide variety of editing tools that fit for project documents like reference letters. It also provides a user-friendly feature that would best suit your editing comfort. Moreover, if you wish to choose our reference templates above, all of them can be accessed through the Apple Pages file format.

2. Use The Standard Format

Before writing your reference letter, make sure that you'll follow the standard format for the letter. A reference letter should consist of more than one or two paragraphs. It is highly advisable if you avoid constructing your content with more than one page. Moreover, a letter this short must cover all the necessary details about your referred subject, so keep your message straight to the point and concise. However, if it needs you to write a thorough explanation of your letter, three or four paragraphs would be the safest number. Additionally, your letter should be single-spaced with a space between each paragraph. Use a 1" size for your margins at the top, bottom, left, and right of the page, and align your text to the left.

3. Provide The Contact Details 

If you intend writing a letter to an individual or hiring committee, include their contact information at the top-left part of your letter. Start it by providing the name of the addressee, addressee's position, and company address of your addressee. 

4. Start With Greetings

After providing the necessary contact details, you can now formally start your letter construction. Begin it with a greeting or a salutation, like "Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name." or "Dear Hiring Manager." If you are writing a general reference letter, you can use greetings such as “Whom it May Concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam.” 

5. Construct The Letter Body

The body of your reference letter should consist of the qualifications and qualities of the person you are recommending. You need to explain thoroughly why your subject is qualified for the said position. Include specific character details such as skills, work experiences, and the character's vital capabilities. As much as possible, be specific.

6. Close Your Letter

Encourage your recipient to get more in touch with you. After writing the content for your reference letter, provide more information like adding your contact information such as phone and email address. Here's an additional tip, close your message by building a positive image. You can also include statements like you endorse the person  “wholeheartedly” “confidently” or “without reservation.”