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What is a Report?

A report is a document that provides information presented in an orderly format for a specific audience. There are different kinds of reports depending on their purpose, but basically, they are all intended to present information, keep track of events, and foster analysis. Moreover, electronic or written reports can be used for personal reasons or for collaborative purposes. If you'd like to create a business report and want others to give comments or edit it, it's best if you make use of Google Docs so you can easily share the document and keep track of the revisions.

How to Create Reports in Google Docs

Since business reports need to be constantly updated or renewed, it would be a wise choice to create and store them online with Google Docs. There, you can conveniently share the document, allow your associates to comment or edit, and save it automatically without even wasting paper and money. Below are the steps to creating an annual business report using Google Docs:

1. Set the Cover Page

After you've opened a new blank document with Google Docs, proceed to design your cover page. Insert your business logo by clicking Insert, then type or insert your company name adjacent to your logo. Lastly, provide the finishing cover details like your name, the title Business Plan, and the year that the report is derived from.

2. Write a Confidentiality Agreement

Like most business documents, you need to make sure that your business report remains confidential outside of your company. To achieve that, you can write a confidentiality agreement or, better yet, browse through and download our high-quality and highly customizable templates.

3. Write the Executive Summary

Writing an executive summary is like writing an abstract for your research paper; similarly, it briefly contains the major details. It's only a summary, so make sure not to include minute details of your report. This part determines whether or not the reader will continue on analyzing your summary report. It is basically the only thing that a person will actually read in your report, so write it well and concisely!

4. Draft the Table of Contents

To easily outline this page, open Google Docs, go to Insert, click Table of Contents, then choose which layout suits you best. Encode your headings and subheadings. After which, just get back on this page after you've finally written down everything in your business report and had placed the page numbers; just click on the curved arrow on the side and it will automatically update your TOC with the page numbers. Isn't report-writing easy?

5. Write the Actual Business Report

This is the part where you write your actual business sales report. Some of the things you must write down include the introduction, discussion, conclusion, and recommendations. You can also create your own charts with Google Docs by clicking Charts in Insert. You can create bar charts, column charts, and the popular pie charts. After you've typed everything, make sure to number your pages. Page numbering can still be found in Insert. Once done, return to your TOC page to update it.