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How to Write a Report Using Apple Pages

An electronic or written business report is one of the ways to track a company's productivity and to know the current status and problems of the company. Reports should be written comprehensively and should only state facts to help the company's success. Reports are often long, but not unnecessarily long. This means that a report should be written very long as much as it needs but not that long where unnecessary things are included. To be able to write a report successfully, you can use Apple Pages, as it is an intuitive program that makes writing easy. There are steps below for you follow to write a report.

1. Determine the Objective

It is important to set objectives for your report so that you will have a guideline on what your report is all about. You can do this by starting with a report outline. If you are able to set your objective, it is assured that you will be in the right direction in your process of writing the report. The objective will also give you insight into what content you should include.

2. Understand your Audience

Consider the main readers of your report. Learn to tailor your tone in writing. This means that you need to learn when to use formal words in the totality of the report. Always match the preferences of your target audience. You don't need to be formal if they are not comfortable or reading a professional report like that. It is because some readers prefer the use of semi-formal language in a report. This technique will establish rapport between you and the audience.

3. Choose Format

Before you start drafting the report, make sure what format and type of report you will be making. Check if the report should be written or presented. If it is a written report, find out what type of report it will be. It can be a simple annual, monthly, or weekly, or daily report. It can also be a scientific, drudge, consumer, or incident report.

4. Collect the Data

Gathering data is important because, through data collection, the business will have the information they need for forming decisions, analysis, study, and research. Without the proper data, your report will not that reliable when it comes to stating facts and quality information. Reliable data is what the management needs to believe in your summary or evaluation report for the company.

5. Construct the Report

In constructing the report, it has four elements. These are the Executive Summary, Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. You need to take note to include these elements to have a very comprehensive report. Executive Summary is the summary of the content of your report, this is always written after you are done writing the other elements of the report. The Introduction provides insights on what is the report all about. The longest part is the body where you must discuss the analysis of the important information you have gathered. The last part of a written report is the conclusion where you will conclude the content of the report. This report format applies to most types of reports whether you are making sales reports or trip reports.

6. Proofread

After the long report-writing process, it is not guaranteed that what you have written is nearly perfect. Proofread your report and edit the errors for a better finish product. Proofreading also benefits you to be ready if there will be any questions regarding your simple report during a meeting. You can proofread your report using Apple Pages since it is easy to navigate.