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How to Create an Impressive Resume

Your resume is your advertising tool to sell yourself to hiring employers. Compose the best one to stand out among a number of applicants. Follow these simple guidelines in creating a professional, modern resume.

1. Choose the Appropriate Format

Resumes have different formats and different purposes. A simple resume can come in three different formats. It can be in a reverse-chronological format that is best applied for entry-level candidates or fresh graduates. The functional format fits perfectly for candidates who would like to highlight their specific skill set and abilities, good for candidates with a long period of gaps in employment. The combination format is best for skilled, seasoned veteran candidates; career-changers or industry shifters utilize this kind of resume format. By choosing the appropriate format, the employers will see and know how well you are as an applicant.

2. Provide the Correct and Exact Details

Opportunities abound with the right sample resume design and content. So make sure not to miss out on any of these opportunities just because of a misspelled detail. Make sure your name, contact details, address, references, and all of the other texts are spelled correctly. Grammatical errors are also major resume assassinations. Submitting unprofessional emails is also discouraged. Instead of "," you can use ""

3. Highlight Relevant Information

Beware of inputting too much information through your resume. As a matter of fact, hiring employers will only take at least five to seven seconds on your resume. Make sure relevant details can easily attract those busy eyes. Outdated and irrelevant details are unnecessary, so keep them away from your resume. Also, do not state them in a general manner. Be specific about what you have done. It can grab the recruiters' attention more that way. As much as possible, create one-page or two-page resumes. A survey conducted by Michigan State University has shown that overly long resumes annoy employers. In that sense, make sure it is compelling and concise.

4. Share your Accomplishments

Be proud of what have you accomplished through your electronic or printed resume. It can help you establish your persona and of the job. Importantly, be careful in stating them. Do not go overboard; you may sound boastful and arrogant. Keep it in a modest tone.

5. Be Legible

Make sure your resume is pleasing and comfortable to the eyes. Set the resume’s fonts in sizes that look neat and professional. 12 is the recommended size for a professional look. The consistency of fonts is also a must especially in the job description section of the document.

Standard and highly suggested fonts are Calibri, Garamond, Cambria, Georgia, and Arial. Stay away from wacky fonts that are only good for comics. Do not make use of multiple fonts in your resume. Limit yourself to at least two fonts. And if there is a need for you to add some colors, make sure it looks minimalist. You can customize our resume template in Apple Pages if you like and apply basic typography and page design principles.