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How to Design a Roll-Up Banner in Adobe Photoshop

As the competition between companies gets more intense, the advertising team makes an effort to come up with the best ways to step up their game. They strategize and think of various techniques to influence the purchasing behavior of the target market. Even with the advancement of technology, companies still distribute or display physical advertising materials along with digital advertisements.

In trade shows, exhibits, and conferences, a well-designed roll up banner or pull up banner would be an effective tool for a company to attract attention and ultimately acquire new customers. Want to create a roll-up banner for the success of your business? Follow the steps provided below.

1. Open Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop features multiple tools which enable you to edit images and design a creative roll up banner mockup. To start, launch Photoshop and create a new file by clicking File > New > Blank File. After this, you’ll see a dialog box where you can input the dimensions of your canvas. The size for roll-up banners can be 762 mm x 1778 mm, 850 mm x 2000 mm, or 1000 mm x 2200 mm. In the resolution box, enter 300ppi. Now that you have created a new file, start choosing the colors and fonts that would best suit your brand.

2. Place Your Company Logo at the Top

May it be a real estate, travel agency, media company, or professional agency roll up banner, its primary objective is for your company to stand out, which is why you should place your company logo at the top. This way, you can establish corporate branding. Talking about logos, did you know that Twitter’s old logo only costs $15? An article on Business Insider states that the now-famous Twitter bird was bought for $15 on iStockphoto.

3. Input Text

To add a text in Photoshop, select type tool and click on the area where you want to insert your text. At the top of Photoshop workspace, you will see type options that allow you to customize the font, font size, font alignment, and font color. Make sure that the main message you want to convey to the potential customers is at an eye level. It would also help if you organize your information according to its importance by creating a visual hierarchy – which means that you have to increase the font size of the most important detail. Also, don’t forget to add contact details.

4. Use High-quality Photos

Aside from colors and logos, one thing that catches attention are photos, which is why you need to use the ones that are with high-quality. Remember that your retractable or grasshopper roll up banner is made to be displayed in public, so make it the best one.

5. Save, Print, and Display

After coming up with design ideas and executing your creativity in creating an indoor or outdoor roll up banner, save it as a PDF file. Click File > Save As > Photoshop PDF > Save. Now, all you need to do is print, look for a suitable stand, and have it displayed in strategic locations. If you hate starting from scratch though, we have the best templates for you in Photoshop file format (.psd).