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How to Create Social Media Template in Adobe Photoshop

The discovery of the Internet paved the way for social innovators, developers, and programmers who created the social platforms that everyone is using today. According to an article published by, 77% of United States' businesses use social media marketing for key business functions such as marketing and sales. Marketing specialists utilized the power of social media to their advantage by posting marketing campaigns to social media platforms online. Advertising campaign templates can be created by any publishing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Apple Pages, Illustrator, etc. We have provided you with some guidelines if you wish to create a social media template in PSD format.

1. Plan Your Campaign

Planning helps you generate effective objectives because it allows you to organize your thoughts, activities, and resources. Templates are often used by marketing enthusiasts in making their campaigns. Before crafting your template, you need to have an idea about the social media marketing plan or campaign, so your output will be relevant and will not mislead the audience.

2. Develop an Identity

Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter, and Pinterest are some of the most used social media platforms by marketing specialists in promoting their products and services. An article published by states that 44% of businesses report that social media brings forth brand awareness. Therefore, you have a lot of competitors in social media, that is why it is important to create an impression on your customers. You, as the designer, should develop a template that will set you apart from your competitors—a template that will serve as your brand identity or boost brand recognition.

3. Be Relevant and Timely

The design of your template should always be relevant and timely. Although you have a brand identity to maintain, you still need to create a social media template that is relevant to the season. You can do this by utilizing your identity template by adding graphics that correspond to the season, the product, or services that you are promoting. For example, if you have an elegant and professional brand, you must create Instagram ads that reflect this vibe or impression.

4. Create a Visual Style

People are more visual than they were before. Your choice of color and font also affects the effectiveness of your template, since they convey mood and tone. There are instances that the color and font of your graphic design template will be more convincing than the copy it delivers. Thus, a wise choice of color and typography can easily grab the attention of customers.

5. Present a Suitable Layout

The context of a social media template should be simple because its purpose is to advertise. People usually avoid huge blocks of text, so the advertisement is not the right avenue to be wordy. Also, do not overdo the designs and the content of your template. Exaggerating the design to make your social media template pretty will only make it incomprehensible. This is especially important when making Snapchat geofilters and other banner ads.

6. Make Necessary Adjustments

If you are not still satisfied with your output, you can still explore the tools offered in Adobe Photoshop. Set a clear goal on how you want your template to look like. The aforementioned software program has options that will allow you to refit, modify, and makeover your social media template.