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What is an Admission Ticket?

An admission ticket is a printed document that grants its bearer admission to an event or location. There are different admission ticket print sizes depending on the type of event and the entity requiring it. Just like other forms of tickets, admission tickets are available in printed form (i.e. roll of tickets) or digital form (e-tickets).

How to Make an Admission Ticket

Interested in further improving your business’ admission ticket designs and decreasing ticket scalping practices? Then the next few tips are for you. We’ve prepared bite-sized tips to help you navigate the world ticket design quickly and more efficiently.

1. Know the Basic Admission Details

When crafting an event admission ticket template design, you must first know your company’s or organization’s entire admission process. Then, obtain the necessary data that should be reflected on each admission ticket. This may include, but is not limited to, the event or venue name, ticket price, gate number, seat number, time of admission, terms, and conditions of the admission process, etc.

2. Start With a Good Design Theme

As a printed document, an admission ticket should also be visually appealing. When designed well, a printed ticket can be more memorable and consumers are more likely enticed to purchase it. To do this, you must first decide on an overall theme. Use this theme or motif as a guideline when determining how your admission ticket will look like.

3. Choose an Organized Layout Design

After selecting a theme and knowing what specific pieces of information to place in your printable ticket, you must now determine the best way to arrange all the design and text elements. You must choose a layout that is pleasing to the eye. One that makes reading the ticket information easier and quicker.

Also, remember that most event or party admission tickets are not printed on large paper or cardstock. You will have limited space to work on. That is why you must come up with a clutter-free layout design despite this limitation.

4. Incorporate Ticket Security Measures

Don’t forget to add security and tracking components to your simple ticket designs. Simple additions like barcodes, serial numbers, and holographic seals can help protect your business and your customers from fake tickets.

Ticket tracking tools also allow you to measure profit or sales on a regular interval. This business knowledge can help you plan when to increase printing tickets or when to implement a ticket voucher or coupon discounts.

5. Use Thick Paper or Cardstock

High-quality paper or cardstock is usually used to print event tickets and admission passes. This is done to ensure that the printed tickets are durable enough for the duration of the admission to an event or venue. Pattern your paper printing quality to the purpose of the ticket.

For example, if you are making movie admission tickets, you can certainly use paper with a lower GSM number since movie tickets do not need to be kept more than the duration of the movie. On the other hand, you may print tickets on cardstock if your admission tickets will be used all throughout a customer’s stay in an amusement park or zoo.