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What Is a Concert Ticket?

A concert ticket, otherwise called an event or admission ticket, is a piece of paper or card given to someone as proof that they have paid for a concert or event. It allows an individual to take part in the concert. Although there are different types of concert tickets, they all serve the same purpose. Organizations holding the event sell multiple tickets that vary at different prices. A general admission ticket is sold at a much lower price in comparison to VIP tickets. The difference in price ensures the participants can choose the type of concert experience they want while providing a fair amount of payment for it. Also, know that selling tickets are one of the best ways of promoting your event.

How to Create a Genuine Concert Ticket With Apple Pages?

1. Choosing the Theme

In order to get started on making a ticket, you first have to identify what kind of concert you want to throw. From there, you should be able to determine things like what kind of design your ticket will be using and what information it should contain. Themes like reggae usually generate a design with green, yellow, and red colors while rock concerts typically use black or colors of the darker shade.

2. Creating a Rough Draft of the Ticket Design

With a theme in mind, the next thing we’re going to do is come up with the ticket design. The focus for the rough draft is to see which layout works best for your theme. The rough draft gives you a chance to be creative and playful. You can choose any of our given ticket templates if you feel your layout is lacking.

3. Providing Important Content

Next, we’re going to provide some information about the concert. We start with the name of the event. The font here has to be larger than the rest as it should be the main focus for your customer. Then we include the venue. Even if the venue is a well-known landmark, we still need to give a complete address for the attendees who traveled from elsewhere. Important details we always need to attach are the date and time. If you like, you can always look for editable ticket templates and simply replace whatever pre-made content they contain with the information you want it to display.

4. Utilizing Apple Pages Tools

The advantage Apple Pages has over other software applications is that it has tools that others don’t. It allows you to sketch freely (if you’re using an iPad or iPhone or iPod Touch) over the content of the document and insert pictures (stock images are fine but it’s better if you have one of your own). Just remember to keep your template design as minimalist as possible. Simple and attractive is what draws your customer to believe that the concert will be a beautiful experience.

5. Printing, Advertising, and Distributing the Concert Tickets

Once you finish up, you’ll have to select what kind of paper you’ll be using to print the tickets. Make sure you select a high-quality paper stock that isn’t just resistant but durable as well. When you finish, you can begin advertising online. 71% of ticket sales occur online. From there you can have it distributed in ticket booths.