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How to Create a Dinner Ticket in Illustrator

Dinner events are organized to bring people together to celebrate special moments and occasions. These events are commonly held during birthdays, anniversaries, wedding rehearsals, and others. In the corporate world, dinner events are held to gather up business associates and investors from different backgrounds. Whatever the purpose of the event may be, one thing is for sure, every guest needs to secure a dinner ticket to secure a seat in the event place and satisfy themselves to the delicious food choices served.

If you are having an upcoming dinner event, you should create a ticket that will serve as an invitation, a pass, and a meal ticket. This article will guide you through the basic requirements on how to make a dinner ticket by using Adobe Illustrator.

1. Draw in a Design Inspiration

If you are throwing a themed dinner party, never shy away from creativity when you are making the ticket. Gather up all the designs that coincide with the theme of the dinner event. Pick out the best color scheme, font styles, shapes, images, and vectors; these elements might not all be useful for your design vision, but you should know about the basics.

2. Choose the Ticket Size

The common ticket size offered by our beautifully designed ticket templates here at Template.Net is 5.5 x 2 inches. Since you are making your DIY (do-it-yourself) dinner ticket, you can choose your size ranging from the regular size 2 x 5.5 inches to a larger size 3.5 x 8.5 inches. The size of the ticket must fit all the planned content and design specifications. Choose between a landscape or portrait orientation as well. You can also add more features like detachable stubs.

3. Start Designing the Best Dinner Ticket

Open your Adobe Illustrator editing application and start placing all your design and text. With Illustrator, you can really widen your creativity because the tools are user-friendly. Allocate sections for every part of the ticket as you can always utilize the front and back portion. Modern, minimalist, fancy, elegant, or floral are just some of the design styles that you can follow.

4. Place all the Text and Content

Write all the text into the layout of the ticket. Avoid using more than four font styles as it may ruin the harmony within the design elements. The text should be typed legibly and comprehensively so that the expected guests shall understand the nature of the event. Don't forget to write the dinner evet details such as the date, location, and other specific instructions.

5. Finalize the Design then Proceed to Printing

Arrange all the graphic elements in your layout and review them meticulously. As you finish the design project, consult some key people involved in the dinner event or party organization. Gather up their suggestions and comments, and work your way to garner their approval. When it's good to go, proceed to print the dinner ticket. Always use a high-quality paper stock to arrive at a glossy and beautiful result.