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How To Create A Dinner Ticket In Adobe Photoshop

A dinner ticket is a printed ticket card that can be used as a form of invitation. It can be used by a business, organization, or an individual who wants to have a dinner party or gathering. If you need a cost-effective way to invite people to a dinner event, well worry no more for you came into the right site. You can make use of our provided dinner ticket templates above that are available in Adobe Photoshop formats. We also included below a guide on how you can create a dinner ticket of your own.

1. Determine Your Dinner Ticket Motif

A good ticket motif draws the interest of your customers. In picking the right theme for your desired dinner ticket, you can incorporate or base it to the official motif of the event itself. Whether you want a bbq themed dinner, valentines-themed dinner, gala dinner, or spaghetti party dinner, make sure to pick the one that relates to the event. Additionally, your ticket dinner will serve as your basis during your layout stage.

2. Determine Your Ticket Size

After picking the right ticket motif, you can start determining the actual size for your ticket. A standard ticket size would run at around 1.97" x 5.63", including its tear-off-stub measures at 1.875" However, if you wish to have a raffle ticket style for your dinner ticket, it would measure at around 5.63" x 1.97", with detachable stub measuring 1.875". Your chosen ticket size will determine the volume of your design layout and content that you can use for your design process.

3. Open Your Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a great editing application for your layout use. It offers user-friendly features that are perfect especially for the amateur graphics editor. The software also offers a wide variety of design tools such as pen-tool, lasso, and magnetic tool that is very vital if you wish to do a vector design for your ticket. Learn and start testing out the tools within the program to get that right comfort for your editing style.

4. Place The Ticket Details

When you already determined the ticket size and the software for your editing use, now is the time where you can begin crafting the ticket’s invitation wording. Place the vital information such as the event detail, venue/ address, date, time and the ticket number. Moreover, a ticket can also be an avenue for you to advertise your business. You can also include your restaurant business details for marketing purposes.

5. Print your Dinner Ticket

After sorting all the necessary ticket design, content creation, and proofreading, you can now save your dinner ticket file. Then, you can now start producing your ticket. You can make use of your home/ office printer for your ticket printing. However, to ensure the high-quality print of your dinner tickets, you can visit your local print shop. The print professionals can give their best recommendations for the print paper and print quality that is necessary for your tickets.