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What is Drink Ticket?

A drink ticket is one of the strategies that is used in drink festivals. These are utilized to control the flow of alcohol consumption of the guests or attendees. These are widely used in any themed events. Drink tickets have pros and cons, nonetheless, these provide assistance to attain a smooth and successful event. 

Organizing drink festivals is one of the advertising strategies that breweries used to showcase their products and meet and estimate potential customer base. This exposure opens opportunities to breweries and at the same time enjoyed by the guests. It is expected that numerous individuals will likely attend this event, thus it is a great challenge to maintain it well-organized. Establishing drink festivals is an advertising medium that should be considered.

On the other hand, drink tickets are also utilized in any themed event. Like its usage for drink festival, these tickets help you in regulating the consumption of your drinks. This is to ensure that your budget meets your guests. 

How to Create a Drink Ticket?

Like any other tickets, creating drink tickets follow the same set of steps, however, the choice of inputs, details, and purposes differ. To guide you in your making, refer to the tips that follow.

1. Know your Purpose

Always prioritize your purpose. As mentioned earlier, drink tickets are not solely for drink festivals and events. These are also used in other events such as a wedding, music, birthday, and holidays or as a drink voucher for rewards. It is necessary to know your purpose, in this case, it will be easier for you to outline your ticket design. 

2. Do Canvassing

You have to set a budget for your drink ticket-making, to estimate it, you start canvassing. Look for the needed materials for your tickets and take note of the prices. The more stalls you visit, the wider the chance of getting cheaper materials that have high-quality.

3. Choose a Theme

If you already established your purpose and finalized your budget, then start choosing what theme to base for your drink tickets. If you are assigned to organize a beer festival, then choose a theme that fits with it. Make sure that your theme will not mislead your guests. These must be creatively made because your attendees will somehow judge your event on how your tickets look like. 

4. Create your Visuals

Since tickets are bloodlines of your event, then visuals must also connect on the purpose and the theme. Balance your designs, the color scheme that you used, the lines, font sizes, and the font styles. Always matter your color preference to what is the event.

5. Be Certain with Paper Stock

If you use the right paper stock to use in printing, your output will not be compromised. Your theme and designs will be useless if your paper stock is not the exact stock needed for your design. Also, your stocks must be compatible with the printer that you are using.