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How To Create Drink Tickets In Illustrator

Drink tickets are paper slips that are commonly used to purchase pub drinks, beers, and cocktails. It is similar to a drink voucher because it also entails different freebies that a bar offers to its customers. In contrast to coupons, drink tickets are more particular when it comes to its design and layout. It's popularly used in bars, beer festivals, restos, wedding events, and holidays. It's also a very useful tool for promoting a business and whatever it has to offer.

Ticket-making, whether it's vintage or summer-inspired is a very complicated process, but with the proper use of a software editing tool such as Adobe Illustrator, this complicated process becomes a more facile one. To better broaden your knowledge about ticket-making, we have listed below some useful guide tips to help you get started.

1. Know What To Offer

To start everything, you have to identify first what kind of drink beverage you are going to offer. If you have a best-seller drink cocktail, the better. But if you don't have, don't be discouraged. You may always surf the internet and make a research about some of the best-selling drinks that are usually ordered in bars or restos. In this way, you will not just be able to gain more profit but help establish a name for your business as well.

2. Make A Draft

Ticket making is a very meticulous task, and you have to be very particular with its overall layout. To help you achieve perfection, it's best if you make a draft first. This method will not just help you arrange the overall content of your ticket, but it would also help you decide what relevant graphics and illustrations should you use best. You can always check out samples of modern tickets to give you an idea as to what you should go for.

3. Choose A Ticket Size

All tickets, whether its food or admission tickets, follow different various formats. But if you want your drink ticket to be more customer-friendly, then opt to follow the standard size of 5.5 x 2 inches. In choosing a particular size, you have to consider several factors such as convenience and comfortability. As much as possible, opt to use the standard size which is more convenient and handy for your customers.

4. Start Editing Your Desired Content

After successfully applying the steps above, you may now start editing your content and layouts in the Adobe Illustrator. Make sure to follow your draft layout so that you can fastly edit things out. While you're at it, be extra careful and mindful about some minor lapses that tend to be overlooked. Make sure also to use high-resolution images and graphics to achieve the best printout drink tickets.

5. Observe Coherence

The most important characteristic of a compelling and dependable ticket is consistency and logical. In short, it should be coherent. To achieve and apply coherence in your ticket making, make it a habit to highlight and outline all the vital information. As much as possible, avoid stating irrelevant information that may only bring confusion to your customers.