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How To Create Drink Tickets In Apple Pages

Drink tickets also called as drink vouchers are paper card slips that offer different free drinks to customers who purchase it. It is usually sold on low prices, that if acquired, will automatically give the customer freebies as to what the drink stub states. This type of ticket is commonly used in pubs, bars, and restaurants, as a form of promoting their business and advertising their products through different special events like holidays, weddings, beer fests, and beer festivals.

Creating drink tickets is like creating business cards, it is a very demanding task that requires a lot of your time. But with the use of a dependable software editing tool like Apple Pages, you can now construct your desired drink ticket coupon right at the comfort of your own home. To help you get started, we have collected some useful guide steps below on how you can transform a blank template to a more appealing drink ticket.

1. Choose A Size

In creating a drink ticket, you need first to decide on what size should you use. Two factors can influence it, the load of information and the look you want to achieve. However, some dimensions are more common than others. Formal event tickets and vintage tickets with stubs, for example, are typically 1.97" x 5.63". But if you prefer stubless drink tickets, the most commonly used dimension for it is typically 5.5" x 2".

2. Make A Draft Layout

If you want to achieve coherence in your ticket-making, then the best way that you should do is make a draft layout. This method will give you a nice overview of how should you make your drink ticket logical and systematic. In this step, you should also be able to decide what graphic layouts are you gonna choose to incorporate to make your ticket even more attracting. Play around with the features of Apple Pages until you make enough drafts to choose from.

3. Convey Direct Message

When it comes to ticket making, whether it's a summer ticket, meal ticket, or dance ticket, the most important information should be the most visible. In most cases, these are the titles of the ticket and what the ticket actually offers. It is also important to keep your ticket details as direct as it can be, avoid using complex words so that your customers can easily understand what it tries to convey.

4. Customize Everything

The most important thing to remember in customizing your ticket is to use a font color and style that will create a contrast between the text and the background of the ticket. As much as possible, avoid overlapping your ticket content with the use of too much design. This will just make the text clutter if it is lost in the background or difficult to read. You can always download editable ticket templates to make this process easier.

5. Choose High-Quality Paper

If you want to achieve high-quality printouts, then you need to invest in high-quality paper stocks as well. In choosing, consider its durability. Although it might be costly, yet you are assured that it will last longer.