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What Is a Drink Ticket?

Collins Dictionary states that a ticket is a small, official piece of paper or card that grants access to certain locations or allows for the participation of certain events and/or activities to its holder. A drink ticket is a paper card slip that offers different free drinks to the customers who purchase it. It is typically sold at low prices. Drink tickets are most commonly used in pubs, bars, and restaurants as a form of marketing media to advertise their products through different special events like holidays, weddings, and beer festivals.

How to Create Drink Tickets in Adobe Photoshop

Always remember that there are standard procedures for events involving alcohol that have to be followed. Creating and handing out tickets is one of the things that you'll need to learn how to do. Although making one will require a lot of time and patience, you can use Adobe Photoshop to make things a little easier. You can have it installed to your laptop or even on your mobile device. Follow the steps below to learn how to effectively use the program to make your drink ticket.

1. Choose Your Ticket Size

When creating your ticket, you are going to have to decide on its size. Two things you need to consider are the amount of information you are going to place and the design it's going to have. Know that tickets have a common dimension of 5.5 × 2 inches. Others such as event tickets and vintage tickets usually come in 1.97 × 5.63 inches, but know that the size will ultimately depend on your preference.

2. Create a Draft of the Ticket

Coming up with a good design can be tricky. The best way for you to make one that's perfect for your ticket is by creating a series of rough drafts. The purpose of doing this is to help you plan the layout of your ticket. A number of three to five drafts should be good and help you narrow down your options.

3. The Content of the Ticket

The information you put into your ticket is an important factor as it gives the holder an idea of the benefits they can get. You need to remember to keep this information short and straightforward so the holder doesn't get confused. Just remember to include important details such as the type of drinks the individual is entitled to or the number that can be availed.

4. Design the Ticket

When you have your information ready and your draft picked out, you can copy the outline or layout of the draft and paste it into a different tab in Adobe Photoshop. Be sure to add a couple of layers and work from there. Everything from the font to the shapes and/or images that you'll be using should match with the feel of your bar or restaurant. Be sure that the description of the type of drink ticket is emphasized by having its font size slightly larger than the rest. You may also consider going for a minimalist look if you want to avoid your ticket from looking cluttered.

5. Paper Choice and Print

Before you save and print your drink ticket, check the setting of your file. Make sure the color is in RGB as it gives you a preview of your final output. The paper you choose has to be of high-quality. It is important that you consider durability to ensure that the ticker holder has less to worry about.