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How to Create an Elegant Ticket in Apple Pages

Back in the 1960s and 70s ticket stubs for a few football games and concerts started to become works of art, and are frequently highly sought after by collectors. This era began the propagation of elegant tickets. If you doubt whether these paper sheets do have that power, then you should understand that 65 percent of the whole population are visual learners. Meaning, it is easy for people to appreciate visual art at its rawest. That is why Rule number ten of John Medina's Brain Rule Rundown states that vision trumps all other senses. It even adds that people are incredible at remembering pictures. They hear a piece of information, and three days later they will recall 10% of it. Include an illustration, and they will retain 65%. That is the power of beauty.

After knowing all these things, it's now time to understand the steps in making your elegant ticket template. If your target market is the female gender, then you need to make your design beautiful for as a general rule that they are more appreciative of it. Moreover, it would be best if you made it at least three months before the time of the event. According to Eventbrite Blog, men tend to book tickets more last-minute while females purchase them much further in advance. With these things in mind, you can start creating your ticket template.

1. Choose a Ticket Format

To start, you should choose a ticket format. This arrangement will determine your stub, the information, and all those little things that must be on the ticket. Visualizing the position of your tickets information will expedite the process. Make sure to leave a space for yours and your partners' logos at the back of your ticket.

2. Choose a Design Template

After your arrangement of the card, you can start choosing a design. There are a lot of available ticket templates here at that you can use for your design. Our samples are designed beautifully by professional graphic artists. So, be sure that you have the best.

3. Customize the Design

After you determine the template, you can go ahead and customize it depending on your theme or preference. Preferably, please customize it according to your motif as it creates a sense of cohesiveness in your event. It might also be useful if you add an event itinerary if your activity has an extended program that might take a few hours or days.

4. Add Sequential Numbering to the Ticket

Although it is not a necessity, adding sequential numbers to your tickets could be suitable for the sake of recording and surveillance. If you are doing this for a particular event with individuals whom you have given sponsorship event proposals, then it might not be necessary to put numbers. Instead, you can add names to make the ticket personal.

5. Add Sequential Numbering to the Ticket Stub

Adding sequential numbering to ticket stub is a must for the sake of guest participation accounting. If you do not have one, you must at least have an attendance sheet for the ushers or the staff to know who's missing and who is around. You wouldn't want to see that you have more guests than what you prepared. Consider this side of the event.