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What Is an Event Ticket?

An event ticket is a coupon that grants a special pass or admission to the person possessing it. Most events require event tickets to be able to make it more exclusive for invited people or for the ticket buyers only. Event tickets have evolved over time, from being brought on ticket resale sites, to resolving online ticket sales which is more convenient. Regardless of whether it is bought at a physical store or online, what's important is the totality of the event ticket. Here are some important steps to take and consider to make the best and modern event ticket.

How to Create an Event Ticket

how to create an event ticket

1. Settle with a ticket size

Event ticket sizes would range from small ones to larger sizes. The standard small size would be something that measures 2" x 5." The ticket dimension is always an important thing to consider. Some events would require large-sized tickets while some could settle with the standard size, it all depends on your design and the number of details you want to include. If your printable ticket contains small pieces of information, you can go with a portrait ticket orientation. However, if you want to be detailed in your template, prefer having a landscape ticket so you can put up longer phrases or sentences in your event ticket.

2. Determine the theme of the event

Specify what type of event the ticket is for. Is it for a concert? A birthday party? A fundraiser event? For prom? Determine what type of event the ticket is for as the design elements that will be used should reflect the theme. Be mindful not to overcrowd your event ticket with designs most especially for formal events.

3. Write down the event's details

How your ticket communicates is more crucial compared to how good it looks. An effective event ticket template should contain all the vital details needed. The most important ones should be made more noticeable compared to other information. You can do so by setting them at a larger font, using a font type that is unique or in bold, and another smart method is to make use of white space to add balance and distinction between the texts and the design elements.

4. Incorporate your branding elements

Events don't happen magically by themselves, of course, there is a person, an organization, or a company behind it. Event tickets can also serve as promotional tools, so you better take advantage of this. Put up your business logo somewhere in the layout where it is most visible. If your event is being sponsored by other organizations or businesses, you can strategically place them all together in one area of your event ticket template but preferably their sizes should be smaller compared to yours.

5. Make use of graphics and images

The graphics and images in a ticket are vital because the right imagery and designs can instigate the right feelings to the holder of the ticket. This is also why the design elements used in your event ticket template should be relevant to the theme to inflict the expected emotion. Don't compromise on the quality, choose royalty-free graphics and designs. In using images, you can use stock photos or professionally taken shots, make sure that the colors are in high definition to have a more visually-pleasing sports or concert event ticket.

6. Tie it up to a benefit

Who doesn't love getting more than what they signed up or paid for? You can think of creative ways on how to make your event ticket more functional and beneficial. Some tickets include special passes or meet and greets, others give the event ticket holders some freebies or merchandise. Another idea is to give a discount to a certain number of people who will purchase the sample ticket first.