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How to Make an Event Ticket in Adobe Photoshop

Event tickets play a huge role in granting admission and provide special privileges to the holder. It helps event holders to track the entire population and the whole activity of the event. Most of the special events would require to have an event ticket to minimize overcrowding the venue or the event is only exclusive for those people who are given the invitation. Most occasions would require an event ticket such as prom, gala, festival, party, fundraiser, and more. Other than being used for general admission, it is also used for VIP passes, reserved seating, multi-day pass, one-day pass, early-bird discount, and coded discounts.

Why spare your cash for a professional designer when you can make your own event ticket using the famous graphics designing application Adobe Photoshop? We have provided you useful tips on how to make an event ticket by using Adobe Photoshop.

1. Specify the Ticket's Inclusives

Indicate the special privileges that the ticket holder would acquire from the event ticket. Most event tickets have designated prices and these prices may vary from reserved seats, meet and greet passes, foods, and drinks, freebies, or souvenirs while some event tickets are simply giving the ticket holder an admission to be part of the event. Be specific when informing the ticket inclusive to avoid confusing the ticket holder.

2. Pick a Suitable Event Ticket Template

Busy situations like these are necessary to directly choose a sample event ticket template to save time. Download a suitable event ticket template and customize it using Adobe Photoshop. Choose a pre-designed creative template that would simply relate to your event's main theme.

3. Customize Your Chosen Template

By using Adobe Photoshop, replace the built-in features in the template if it does not fit your event. Provide high-quality pictures that would bring an emphasis on what your event is all about. Do not overcrowd your printable ticket template with too many designs. Provide a space where you can encode the details.

4. Provide Branding Identity and Other Details

Provide branding elements in your event ticket. Branding elements fall under your organization's logo and the event sponsor's logo. Place these elements on the top-center part of the event ticket. Provide other salient details that answer the following questions like what, when, and where. You can also indicate other details like the prize of the ticket, seat number, bar code or the terms and conditions.

5. Printing and Distributing the Event Tickets

Before getting your event tickets printed, check the whole admission ticket for the errors most especially with the important details. Make some necessary changes if you spotted some errors. If everything is set, print your ticket in durable paper stock. As you distribute your event tickets in any ticket booth, be mindful of how the stats mentioned about 45% of people who attend a free event will only book for the event on the same day. So have as many event ticket copies for you to provide your guests.