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What is an Exit Ticket?

An exit ticket or exit slip is something that teachers usually hand to students prior to the end of the class. It contains questions regarding whatever learning activities or lessons took place that the students must answer. These answers are then assessed by the teachers to see if they managed to learn anything from the discussion. It can also be used by the students as a form of self-assessment as it shows them if they gained anything from the class or not. In any case, it's a very useful tool for improvement as it can be used to show problems that can be fixed by both the students and teachers.

How to Make an Exit Ticket

1. Come Up With the Ticket's Design

While the majority of those who make exit tickets usually stick to simple ticket designs, there are some who might want to get more creative. If you are going to include any images, then you must make sure that they do not take up more space than what they need. Also, you have to make sure that they are of high quality if you're going to include any.

2. Think of the Layout and Format

This is very important as you'll want everything presented in a manner that looks organized and professional. Think about how you want to align the questions that will allow the students to answer them in a smooth flow. Also, consider what kind of font and font size you should use for the text. While most use standard business-like fonts such as Helvetica, Calibri or even Times New Roman, it ultimately depends on what you want to go with. The same applies to the font size. If you want a good idea of how you should go about the layout and design, then there are many sample ticket templates online that you can use as references.

3. Provide Spaces for Personal Information

You must make sure that there are enough spaces for the students to place their personal information on your classroom exit ticket design. Aside from their complete names, you will also want to learn what grade or year level they're in as well as what class they belong to. This is important as it can be used to determine which student had difficulty during the class and who are managing or even excelling in it.

4. Think About the Questions You Need to Ask

Lastly, you have to think carefully about the type of questions that you are going to ask before writing them down on your printable ticket Think about what you discussed during class or what activities took place and ask questions based on what happened. You can start by simply asking the students what the topic of discussion was. From there, you can move on to harder questions such as ones regarding the main point of the lesson or what the students stand to benefit from what was taught. Just make sure to cover enough to help you properly assess your students.