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What is a Festival Ticket?

A festival ticket is a voucher that helps event organizers keep track of whoever is entitled to admission into the premises of a particular festival event. The ticket also serves as a promotional tool to help disseminate festival details towards the target audience.

How To Create a Winning Festival Ticket

A small ticket can play a big role in the success of a festival. Take into account how fast ticket sales go up in festivals like the Ultra Music Festival, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, and iHeartRadio Music Festival. Tickets should be made creatively to draw in more people and generate more ticket sales. Do you want to make a winning festival ticket? Here's how:

1. Choose a Layout Format and Size

Whenever you are designing a ticket for any event, it is highly recommended that you choose the most appropriate layout format—stub on the left, stub on the right, or stub on top. Event ticket sizes are typically 1.97 inches by 5.63 inches, while the dimensions of their easy-to-tear-off stubs are 1.875 inches.

2. Pick Out the Best Color Scheme

Festivals are colorful and fun events attended by people from different places. And it's just fitting that you use the most appropriate colors for the overall layout of the admission ticket. The color palette of the ticket is an important part of the design process; with appropriate colors come appropriate design elements.

3. Add in the Ticket details

The modern ticket will serve as a tool for security and accountability, so it's ideal if ticket numbers, codes, and other security features are added into the layout. Festival ticketing will be systematic if these details can be found and easily located by the attendees and the event organizers. Also, add in the festival details such as the name or title, the dates, the event place, among other vital information.

4. Get Creative with the Design

After you have put in all the ticket information and content, it's time to arrange them according to the visual hierarchy. Get creative in designing and placing all the additional elements. Add a background that will complement everything. Creative typography can also be used for the text, but don't use too many font styles as it may ruin the overall aesthetic. Always remember that even a simple ticket must represent and channel the overall theme of the festival itself.

5. Print Using a Thick Card Stock

Review everything and proofread all the details and content found within the layout of the festival ticket before printing and distribution. You may also seek the opinion and suggestions from other key people regarding the design. If they approve of your ticket design, proceed to printing.

For better results, go to a good print shop and instruct them to print your festival party ticket in the highest quality possible in thick card stock. Good paper quality will give justice to your design, thus making your target audience get more excited.

6. Post the Festival Tickets

Tickets can now reach a larger audience because of social media. Post your ticket design and other festival promotional materials on various social media sites to boost customer reach and interaction. Different distribution strategies can be employed depending on the nature and purpose of the festival. Be it for music festivals, dance festivals, eating festivals, etc., tickets must be distributed properly for the benefit of the organizers and attendees.