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How to Create a Festival Ticket in Adobe Illustrator?

Get ready, for festivals are about to come. You want the crowd to have a great time in your event, so how do you give them a fun time while profiting from it? Festivals are fun, but if you don't have enough funds to keep your business running, there might not be another festival for them to enjoy.

1. Organize Your Event

The first thing that should be done on your list is to organize your event. Identify the upcoming festivals that are to be celebrated in your area and take not on it. Determine who your potential audience are and find the right venue to hold your festival. Create a checklist on the details for your event. If you need speakers and other administrators to be part of your festival, find them and get sponsors to help you out with your event.

2. Check Your Festival Venue

The venue for your event will determine how many tickets you should produce. Check how big your venue is and estimate the number of people that may fit in the area. Make sure that it won't feel so packed once the place gets full. Think of your audiences' welfare and give them enough space to roam around and exit the area. Provide specific areas for people who have VIP access tickets, and get people to their specific seats with the use of the ticketing system.

3. Identify Your Theme

What can be the possible themes for your festival? Are you planning to set a music festival? A food festival? Identify the theme of your festival and use it as your event ticket design. Some other examples of festivals are concert festivals, beer festivals, as well as other holidays such as Valentine's Day and Christmas.

4. Write Your Ticket Details

The admission tickets need to have the essential information for your readers to know when and where the festival is going to be held. Indicate the time and dates the festival will be held as well as its specific venue. Don't forget to write the name of the event, as well as the price of the ticket you are handing your audiences.

5. Be Creative With Your Design

Depending on your festival theme, your design should correlate with it. If it is a beer festival, use colors that give your readers a hint that it is a beer festival. Use icons and images that connect with your festival, and keep your designs simple but eye-catching. Choose the right font styles and sizes that are easily readable and complements the background design of your ticket. You may hire a professional graphic designer to help you or download our best templates on festival tickets here at for faster output.

6. Print Your Festival Tickets

Lastly, it is time for you to print your tickets. Depending on the size and the design of your printable tickets, you can either print it on matte paper or in glossy paper. If you want to have a pop effect to emphasize your colors and images, you can use a glossy paper. But, if you prefer to have a classical and elegant look, you can use a matte paper.