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How to Create a Festival Ticket in Apple Pages

A festival ticket is a small size stub that serves as a pass or invitation to let you in on an event, cinema, concert, party, or any event that has a festival theme. The ticket will help the event organizers in tracking who have entitled an admission in a festival event. It also serves as a promotional or advertising tool to recruit or invite a big amount of guests or customers in your event. The event ticket is also used for an invitation and to be more unique, you can have a festival ticket as a raffle ticket. Whatever additional colors you will add in your festival ticket, we are here to provide you the best template sample that was shown above and effective steps for you to follow in making your own festival ticket.

1. The Format and Size

You can't directly make a festival ticket if you don't start with the ticket layout and size. For the layout, you can choose from the most appropriate ticket layouts such as the stub on the left, stub on the right or stub on top layouts. You can customize your own ticket size but you can also follow the typical event ticket size which is 1.97" x 5.63". If you want the easy-to-tear-off stubs, its standard size is 1.875".

2. The Color Scheme

Since you will be making a festival ticket, you need to use bright colors for your ticket. If you want to be more creative on your own, just pick out random color pallet that you deemed suited for festivals. To be surer, the most common festival color schemes are #ef3837 (239,56,55), #ed7787 (237,119,135), #f3b84f (243,184,79), #474284 (71,66,132), and #6a8167 (106,129,103).

3. The Details

The ticket needs to have a few details about the event. Include the festival or event name, the venue, and the date. To be more secure, use barcodes in your ticket to avoid being scammed on fake tickets. The details can also include the seat or level of priority on the ticket, these are VIP, SVIP, Upper-box, or Lower-box. The upper-box and lower-box seating arrangement is only applicable if your event is a concert or a show.

4. The Design

When you are done with the details and other content, it is now time for you to arrange it accordingly and place it on the ticket. Do not write all the details in one place, you can separate few details and write it on the front and the other will be on the back. Add background image that will complement your festival ticket. Use fonts that are readable but not too big because the size of your ticket is limited. For convenient editing, use Apple Pages because it has user-friendly buttons and commands.

5. The Festival Ticket

After following all the steps above, proofread then read everything before you take the printing stage. When you are already sure that the ticket is ready for printing, let printing shops do the printing and instruct them to print it on thick card stock for better results.