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What Is a Food Ticket

A food ticket (commonly known as coupons or meal card) is primarily used by restaurants to promote their specialty dishes. It mostly offers discounts to a customer when they order in a restaurant. Other uses of food tickets is at events such as banquets, ceremonies, and festivals. The reason why such events make use of food tickets it to minimize the food and drink intakes of the attendees, especially on events wherein the festival foods and drinks seem to be unlimited.   

Food tickets can also double as raffle tickets. Some restaurant have raffle promotions wherein a food ticket is added into the raffle box once a customer utilizes it when ordering a food. A lot of big events also do this if ever they have a raffle segment as a sideshow of the event's main segments.  

How to Create a Food Ticket

Creating a food ticket is not as easy as encoding and printing a paper document. It requires a bit of artistic yet professional touch, especially if you're utilizing it for promotional purposes. For that reason, we have gathered a few tips to help you create an elegant and effective food ticket.

1. Make Use of Reliable Software and Tools

The quality of your food ticket may depend entirely on what software and tools you're using. For software, the best ones are MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, and Apple Pages. Why? It's because these software have the right features that enables you to personalize a food ticket as much as you want. Plus they're user-friendly. For tools, you can opt to  utilize downloadable food ticket templates that are printable and editable. They're available here in Or, you can make use of a ticket maker software.  

2. Attach Quality Relevant Images

It's actually not always a necessity to attach an image on a food ticket, but it can contribute to its quality. If you however opt to attach images, then might as well do it right. If your food ticket is for promotional purposes, then you can attach an image of a dish that it's promoting. You can take a photo of it using a high quality camera, or grab free stock photos in the internet. For food tickets that will be used for special events and occasions, you can attach images that's related to the event. For instance, if it's a music festival, then you can attach images of a rave party or a DJ mixing track musics. It doesn't have to be an image of a food all the time.   

3. Choose The Right Color Scheme

The color scheme of your food ticket can say a lot about what it's about. If it has a very colorful color scheme, then it can hint that it's a food ticket for a street party festival. Food tickets that are used for promotional purposes usually utilize a red and yellow color scheme. It's because these colors are said to trigger a person's appetite to eat. So basically, the color scheme of your food ticket must depend on how you're going to utilize it. 

4. Emphasize Its Value

The value of your food ticket must be clearly conveyed to avoid confusions to its holders. Make sure to place it at the center of the food ticket. It should go about like this "One Hawaiian Pizza and One Regular Drink" or "One Kobe Steak and One Glass of Red Wine". You can use artistic fonts for this. But more importantly, you must enlarge their font sizes, or capitalizing it and set to bold. 

5. Indicate How Many Individuals it Admits 

A food ticket usually only admits one individual. But it's still advisable to indicate it in any side of the food ticket for clarification purposes (e.g. Admit One). But should the ticket admit two or more, then it you must indicate it (e.g. Admit Two, Admit Three).