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How to Make a Food Ticket Template in PSD?

A food ticket is a coupon made explicitly for availing meals in different settings: restaurant, diners, stalls, events, and so many more. To make a very appealing food ticket, you need this few guidelines to help you make a good start:

1. Research and Plan Your Event

You cannot create a basis for your food ticket designs when you haven't determined what your event is. Are you having a carnival-themed birthday party? A fundraising concert? Perhaps you're organizing a vintage banquet for your company's anniversary. There's a lot to consider when planning an event: sales system, advertising, and marketing methods, funds, and customer traffic. Research sure-fire ways to sell your food tickets and take down notes of what is essential and suitable for your event.

2. Pick a Theme

Themes set the party right. Pick a theme that covers your event. When you want clowns, flaming hoops and popcorns, create a circus! Weddings can be both fun and stressful, why not invite a bride and all his girlfriends for a night full of fun and pink decors to celebrate their singlehood before the big day? Valentines doesn't just fall on the 14th of February for lovers. Get them to celebrate it every day! If you have a theme, you can name your event and arrange everything smoothly. Brainstorm ideas for your theme so you can start getting the specifics for your event and food ticket.

3. Get the Details

Your first step at this point is to set the date and location of the event. In your food ticket, you will have to put them along with the event name, time, and how many people can use the tickets. Indicate time when the food ticket will be available for use, where to redeem it and if it could admit one or more persons. Put the price for the food tickets accordingly and the ticket numbers for tracking sales easier. If you are offering food bundles with inclusions like a free glass of wine, or free ice cream for every meal stub, put that down as well to let your customers know what you are offering. When you are offering this as a pre-purchase item, know how much you are going to make so that you can produce food tickets meant for the pre-ordered ones and the tickets that would be available for walk-ins.

4. Draft your Design

When you are done with the first three steps above, it's time to make your design. Before anything else, you need to have a reliable online editor that has a lot of features and a guide, in case you are not familiar with the app. If you want to try designing the food ticket yourself, you can start with using Adobe Photoshop. It has a wide array of artboards that you can use for your ticket, and it is user-friendly. When you are just beginning to create an initial design, decide what kind of food ticket you're going to have. You can attempt going for a creative look like the cinema admission ticket or a concert ticket. But if you can, you could also use color schemes that complement your event. Photos would also add some points but see to it that you use only one that represents your brand.

5. Printing and Distribution

When you are done with all of these, voila! You can start printing your food tickets. Use materials that will highlight the quality of your food ticket. You can now distribute it before or after the event.