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What is a Fundraiser Ticket?

A fundraiser ticket is a printed piece of paper or stub that serves to permit a person access to a venue where a fundraising event is taking place. Oftentimes, the proceeds are gathered from the printed and online ticket sales alone while there are also times wherein they are gathered from a different source.

How to Make Fundraiser Tickets

Planning to raise money for a cause? Use custom-made admission tickets to encourage people to participate and we've got what you need to learn how to make one. Whether you're putting together a lunch, dinner, or a church event, our guidelines below will help you get through the process.

1. Set a Budget

Before you can even start working on your printable tickets, you should first come up with a realistic budget for it. Factors that contribute to this include the printing costs and materials used, both of which should be above average in terms of quality. While we would recommend that you invest in high-quality materials, make sure not to set your budget too high that even if your tickets sell well, you won't be able to raise enough funds.

2. Gather Details About the Event

What will the event be about? Where are the proceeds going to be taken? And who is going to benefit from the funds raised? These are just sample questions that you may or may not use, and you might want to think of more to determine the nature of your fundraising event. Gathering event details can actually help in building the concept of the editable ticket, which is why doing it is an essential part of the process.

3. Identify Who Your Potential Ticket Buyers Are

Depending on the event details that you gathered earlier, you can already start identifying the people who are most likely to buy your tickets. These people are your potential event ticket buyers and you should know more about what they are looking for in an event. After doing so, you can use that information to tailor the design of your fundraiser tickets and boost the likeliness of directing their attention towards the event.

4. Make concept designs for your fundraiser tickets

Every simple ticket design should start with a concept, which is basically a rough version and is still open for revisions and improvements. However, the advantage of coming up with a concept is that it already provides you and others with something to see rather than keep it to yourself. When making a concept design, you can do a sketch of it and add notes to describe specific details.

5. Create your tickets

By using an editing tool of your choice, you can start putting together the details that you've gathered earlier to create your fundraising tickets. If applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator seem complex, you can also create your fundraiser tickets using document processors such as Word or Pages. Go with whichever works for you as long as it enables you to design your blank tickets and communicate the details of the fundraising event.

6. Save and print your fundraiser tickets

When saving your work, make sure that it is not only printable but also shareable. This is because in some cases, you might need to share or send the file to another entity for printing, or you might want to reuse and revise this file for future fundraising events. If you're printing your modern tickets yourself, always do it using high-quality materials to bring out the best details in your fundraiser tickets.