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What is Graduation?

Graduation is a term used to refer to an event celebrated by all graduating students and teachers in the academe. Sometimes, this means a ceremony where someone is able to get his/her diploma in elementary, high school and college. A graduate student may also get his/her diploma during his/her graduation day.

The graduation ceremony, on the other hand, is sometimes called a commencement, a convocation, or an invocation. In however way you call it, it is still something that you have to prepare and celebrate.

How to Create Graduation Tickets

Whether it’s a graduation boarding pass ticket or a graduation admission ticket, you really need to make something fancy for your guests or visitors. Since all the graduation ticket templates are readily available and easily editable in Publisher, Word, or Photoshop already, then a few tips while drafting one could also be helpful. Check this out!

1. Customize

All the graduation ticket templates are 100% customizable. You only have to change the details and the images (if necessary). Mark it all by putting the name of the institution, the right date, and venue.

2. Make it Fancier

One important thing to consider aside from making it more beautiful is to try making it according to your liking and purpose. Be as creative as you can be in putting your finishing touches to your tickets. Besides, it’s all yours when it’s done.

3. Try to Keep it Simple

“Simplicity is beauty”, right? You always heard it somewhere, and it’s time to make it to reality as you draft your graduation tickets. Being creative doesn’t mean complex, and being simple doesn’t mean boring. You’ll learn to balance everything in the process.

4. Take Your Time

Time is precious, but it takes time to fully capture the best things in life. Learn to probably sip every drop of the cup of tea as you fill in the details in our ready-made graduation ticket templates. Try to make every detail perfect!

5. Make Yours the Best Graduation Ticket

A perfect celebration deserves the best ticket in the world. Put some quotes or verses if necessary. Add something that will make your graduation day more special. It’s your special day, isn’t it? Then have it personally and beautifully customized by yours truly.

6. Send it to the Class

If you’re done, then you can now print the tickets. These printable graduation tickets are available in 2 x 5.5 inches with bleed. You can also have it in portrait or landscape orientation. After deciding and editing your graduation ceremony tickets, you can also have your tickets sent online through your social media account or print them, and personally hand them over to your classmates. In whatever way possible, you can now send the ticket to the class, visitors, or guests. Enjoy your day!