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How to Create a Graduation Ticket in Adobe Illustrator

Using a template and starting from scratch when creating a graduation ticket are two different things. If you want to gain some tips and tricks for that, here are is an easy guide that you can follow:

1. Decide on the Shape and Size

Since you are creating a ticket, you can decide on what shape and size it will be. There is no distinct or standard measurement for this; you can do as you please. But you need to consider the number of elements to include to ensure you can accommodate them within the layout of the ticket. If you're going to include more designs and texts, it is best to stick with a classic rectangular shape but with bigger and wider dimensions so that you can still achieve an organized layout.

2. Build a Good Structure

The comprehensiveness of your ticket highly depends on the layout and format. Hence, the importance of creating a good structure to ensure everything is well laid out. You can create a structure in the layout by using lines, and shapes; you can create grids to separate texts from illustrations or provide enough spacing to avoid a messy look. You can also create structure by simply varying the sizes of your font style. The heading of your ticket should be in bigger font size and the subheadings should be in smaller ones. This will help you achieve a clear hierarchy of the information you provide.

3. Add Relevant Illustrations and Images

Since you are using Adobe Illustrator, you have the option to include high-resolution images. To do that, you need to click the File in the menu bar, then click the Open option. Form there, you can select the images you have saved on your file. When choosing the images, it is important to consider its relevance to the purpose of the ticket. Remember that the ticket will be used for a graduation-related function; hence, the necessity to choose illustrations and images related to the event. You also include an image for your official school logo and other school-related designs.

4. Provide All Essential Information

The main purpose why you give out graduation tickets to your students is for admission. The ticket will be used by the family member/s or the student himself/herself to enter the venue for the event. That's why it's important to provide all the pertinent information about the event. You should include the name of the event e.g. graduation ball, graduation dinner, graduation party, etc., the date and time, complete address for the venue, dress code, and other relevant information. You should also indicate how many people can be admitted using a single ticket to avoid confusion.

5. Finalize and Edit Accordingly

Once you have included all the necessary elements, you need to finalize your designs and texts. You need to make sure that you achieve the layout and format you have chosen, proofread the texts, adjust margins, etc. You should edit your draft to ensure you achieve your goal; maybe even have someone check if the ticket is okay. After that, you should save a soft copy just to be safe.