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How to Design a Graduation Ticket Template in Pages

Whether it is for an elementary, high school, or college graduation, a ticket graduation is essential in order to provide the loved ones of the graduates an easy access to the venue of the graduation ceremony. This also serves as an invitation to the family and friends so they can share the fun and memorable experience of their one's graduation day. Hence, to help you create a graduation invitation with ease, here are some simple and effective steps and tips that you can follow.

1. Choose a Size and Layout

Firstly, choose the size and layout that you want for your ticket. To determine what is the appropriate orientation or layout of your ticket, consider the following tips. If you are only considering five to ten lines of details on the face of your ticket, then a landscape orientation is preferable. On the other hand, if you are considering to add your logo and more details, a portrait orientation can be the best option. The standard size of a stubless event ticket is 5.5×2 inches. If you opt for a larger or smaller size, you can do so, but ensure uniformity in all your ticket sizes and make sure that you can incorporate all the necessary information in your ticket given its size.

2. Add the Essential Elements

The essential elements that must be present in your graduation are as follows: the main heading or the event name; the ticket information, such as the date, time, venue, and notes; graphic designs and illustrations; unique ticket number, which is needed in order to track the ticket; terms and conditions, which must be clear, concise, and straightforward. You can also add your contact details—mobile or phone number, email address, website, or social media account—for inquiries and any related concerns.

3. Choose Appropriate Colors and Fonts

For the colors, choose at least two to three to keep your ticket minimalist yet elegant. With that two or three colors, you can already produce a thousand hues, tints, and shades which can make your ticket design and style more visually appealing. In choosing the font, you can settle for at least two fonts that are readable enough even when the font size is reduced. Avoid cursive fonts when you use it for small details as there are tendencies that the letters will overlap with each other.

4. Make Final Edits Before Printing

Before you send your tickets for printing, make final edits by proofreading your work and checking for typos and misplaced graphics and illustrations. Also check if the dates and other digits are without error and all the details are correct and presented well. Finally, save your work in your local device and print copies. You may also launch your tickets online on your website or social media accounts because there are some who might get their tickets online.