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How To Create A Modern Ticket In Illustrator

Event happenings won't be made possible without the use and distribution of tickets. Whether it's for invitations, parties, raffle events, or concerts, tickets are must-have items. If you have probably seen or received a ticket, you'll notice that all of them have one thing in common. And what do you think would that be? Yes, you're right! All of them are modernly designed with the use of bright, attracting, and catchy graphics and illustrations.

Traditionally, ordinary tickets are just printed on simple and plain pieces of paper that mainly use black inks. It is not too particular with the designs and aims to be kept as simple as possible. In modern scenarios, this type of design approach to a ticket won't do you any good. What ignites and attracts their interest are brilliant, appealing, and unique usage of colors and design that perfectly compliments one another. Let us help you with your modern ticket making by following the simple guide steps below.

1. Identify Its Type

Modern tickets have a wide variety of applications and usage. So you should start by identifying what type of ticket are you going to make. There are a lot of them for you to choose from. Do you want to try boarding pass tickets? wedding ticket invitations? concert tickets? Decide first what you want to make because this will be your basis on how should you apply the succeeding steps as you go along the ticket making process.

2. Provide Details

After identifying its type, you need to plan out now the important details of the event. These details should answer the what, when, and where of the upcoming event. Be accurate in specifying them so that it's readers will not get confused with it.

3. Make A Draft

If you want to make your modern ticket logical and systematic, then you should probably spend time drafting it first. This will help you get a nice overview of how should you arrange all the necessary details in one small size of paper. However, you should avoid overcrowding your ticket. As much as possible, observe coherence in arranging and placing all the designs and content to your modern ticket.

4. Add LIfe To It

Successfully attract your potential customers by making use of bright colors and catchy graphics. This task can be made easier now if you do this overall process in the Adobe Illustrator software program. Illustrator is the best tool that you can use because it features not just one, two, or three advantages, but a variety of them.

5. Make Final Edit

Lastly, make a final edit for its final look. Check every single piece of information from top to bottom and make sure that you got them all right. If you are confidently sure that everything is settled, you may not print your modern ticket and start selling it.