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What Is A Ticket?

A ticket is a piece of paper or tiny card that provides the holder the authority to enter, travel or engage in an event, in particular by public transport.

How To Make A Modern Ticket in Microsoft Word

Tickets not only provide evidence that someone is allowed to join an event, they also set the tone for the proceedings. Whether making a plane ticket, music concert ticket, admission ticket, or event ticket, it always serves a specific objective beyond the apparent confirmation of entry. It's a concrete portrayal of what your event is about and a great chance for you to create a good impression long before the real date of the event. Below are easy steps on how to make a modern ticket. Learn and have fun!

1. Decide for the Ticket Size

Choose your format meticulously so that your graphics won't get cut off or appear badly formatted if you distribute it with a multitude of outlets. Think about selecting the best size for your ticket. But typically, simple tickets with stubs are 1.97" x 5.63" in size.

2. Include Essential Details

List all the information you’ll need to put on your tickets to make sure that individuals arrive on time. These include the name of the event, when and where it's going to happen, purpose of the event, contact information, what time it'll start, and important guests or people in the event. You may also include the seat number and other wayfinding information. Make sure to make the texts readable enough from a good distance.

3. Select a Theme

Select a theme that fits your event best. You can't just choose a holiday or seasonal theme, but you can also choose mood-based themes such as quirky, dark, classy or however you feel right now that best expresses your message. Be creative in selecting your theme to create impactful appearance to your ticket.

4. Add an Image

To customize your tickets, add photos and other images to make them stand out from the competition. Use a powerful and extremely meaningful main picture as the focal point for your ticket design. It doesn't always have to be a photograph or an artwork. This will work with the name of your event stylized into a typographic design suitable for your event.

5. Include a Logo

If you hold a branded or corporate event, make sure everyone is aware who arranged it. Along with your logo, to keep track of attendants, upload a distinctive barcode, QR code, or other scannable picture. Make sure that your tickets match your brand palette through the color wheel tool.

6. Use Microsoft Word

You may use MS Word in making your ticket. The advantage of using MS Word is that it is user-friendly and you can freely choose from any designing tools perfect for your ticket making.