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How To Make A Printable Ticket Template in Pages

In this article, we're going to educate you on how to create an ideal printable ticket with an engaging yet functional design effortlessly. By making a ticket, you can entitle someone entrance to an event, establishment, or vehicle by giving or selling an admission ticket that can only admit one person. If you're enthralled to build one on your own, simply follow the steps listed below to guide you how.

1. Determine The Type Of Ticket

First and foremost, you cannot design your printable ticket without identifying beforehand what the ticket is it going to be for. Let's put it this way; if you want to sell tickets for a concert event, then you're going to make a printout concert ticket. The design will also depend on the type of ticket you're going to make. Determine whether the ticket you're going to make is a raffle ticket, movie ticket, airline ticket, parking ticket, or carnival ticket.

2. Work With A Template

If you wanted an easy way to create a printable ticket, consider using a sample ticket above. We recommend you purchase our printable ticket template above that's specially made for specific events. By downloading one of our ticket templates, you have the freedom to personalize it from the layout, font, color, and content. If you're worried that you're using a Mac computer, don't be since the available templates above are accessible in Apple Pages. Can't you see how convenient our templates are? You won't have to buy graphic design programs, and they're cheap. Download our sample ticket template above and keep it forever.

3. Incorporate Event Details

List down all essential details about the event for the ticket stub. Talk to the organizer regarding the essential information you're going to inscribe on the event ticket. You can ask the organizer what the name of the event, when is it going to happen, where is it going to take place, and contact information. Once you've gathered the essential details, you can add more information to the ticket stub like ticket number, VIP tag, and seat number.

4. Give The Ticket Life

Although you've downloaded a pre-made ticket template, you can still customize the design to represent the event better. You can change the color and font and add images. If you prefer a modern ticket design, you can go minimal with the design. Have fun designing your printable ticket and get creative. However, make sure that the design of your ticket is not an eyesore.

5. Append A Security Detail

Contemplate if you're going to add a security detail to your simple ticket. This is not a must but if you want to quickly count the generated sales of the event, then append a security detail. You can use a barcode, Qr Code, or serial number for your security detail.

6. Print Your Ticket

Review your ticket for design and information errors before you print it out. Be sure to print it using a suitable and high-quality paper stock so that you'll be assured that the outcome of your ticket is not low-quality.