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How to Make a Printable Ticket in Word

The best tickets are both functional and aesthetically designed. In this article, we present you with the best practices that will help you come up with the best printable ticket design possible for your brand, company, or event.

1. It All Starts With A Memorable Theme

Whether you are designing a printable admission, raffle, event, or business ticket, one of the first things you should keep in mind is its theme. A good design theme in a ticket will help shape a ticket’s identity and how its end-user can perceive it.

For example, if you are making a parking ticket, a good theme to follow is a formal and usually monochromatic theme. This color scheme helps reinforce the ticket’s function as an official document. Adjust the theme according to the type of event it will be used for.

2. Choose A Ticket Type

As we have mentioned earlier, there are different types of printable tickets based on what purpose you need them for. So, when creating a printable ticket, you must first be clear on what type of ticket you need.

If, for instance, you want to create a document that will allow students to claim lunch at school, then you will need to make a printable customizable meal ticket.

3. Incorporate High-Resolution Images

More creative ticket types like raffle tickets, movie tickets, and event tickets like Hamilton printable tickets often need to be designed according to the type of event or occasion they were created for. Also, doing so will make the ticket good memorabilia that avid fans can cherish. You can easily create this in MS Word by inserting high-resolution images and vector illustrations.

4. Draw People In With A Compelling CTA

Some tickets are created as part of a business marketing plan. A few examples are raffle tickets and fundraising tickets. And for these kinds of printable tickets to get sold, they need to include a compelling Call To Action.

A Call To Action or a CTA should be persuasive enough to make customers more intrigued about what the ticket is for. Also, good CTAs are those that make it as convenient as possible for the customers. Do not give customers any additional work. Formulate your CTAs in a way that is as easy and quick as possible. A few examples are “Buy 1 Get 1”, “Limited Early Bird Price”, and “Sale”.

5. But Keep It Simple

When designing printable tickets in Microsoft Word, you will often have limited access to image and layout editing options. That is why if you are using this software tool, make sure to keep your ticket design as simple as possible. But this does not mean you will only be creating blank and editable tickets. Instead, you may use this limitation to craft printable ticket template designs that are still captivating without all the excessive graphic design elements.

6. Don’t Forget To Add Security Details

Another essential element of a good printable ticket is its inclusion of security elements. This ensures a customer that the issuance of these tickets is not just for the show. Make sure that you add bar codes, QR codes, tracking numbers, serial numbers, or cut-out stubs to ensure the validity of each purchased ticket. This is especially important when making raffle, receipt, parking, fundraising, event, movie, and printable plane tickets,