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How to Make A Raffle Ticket Template in PSD

At some point in our lives, everyone desires to become a winner. Hence, it is undeniable that most people are huge fans of raffles. Whether you are attending a concert, festival, science fair, graduation, birthdays, baby showers, or going to a vacation and tour cruise, raffles are almost always present in any events. It creates an enjoyable bit of entertainment for an event and can be brilliantly profitable for the event organizers and fundraisers.

A raffle is a form of giving away prizes among people who have paid for a chance to win a prize, generally determined by drawing tickets. Based on Mathematics Stack Exchange, the probability of winning a prize in a raffle with at least one ticket is around 0.2242. To increase your raffle ticket sales, here are some creative raffle ideas for fundraising.

1. Find Great Prizes

The best way to entice people in buying raffle tickets is to have great and awesome raffle prizes! Prize ideas that do really well at raffles are electronics, homemade gifts, gift baskets, gift cards, gift certificates to local attractions and travel packages. You just have to figure out the type of prize that would certainly suit your event and effectively boost the ticket sales.

2. Pick an Attractive Design

A good raffle ticket design should not be overly elaborate to avoid cluttering up your ticket. Consider having your tickets printed professionally to save time in making your own raffle tickets from scratch. Our website offers a variety of raffle ticket templates you could choose from which you can customize to your own specifics. Red and gold are the usual attractive colors for a raffle ticket.

3. Choose a Hefty Material

Choosing a heftier paper or card stock for your raffle tickets adds up to its overall quality. You want a material that will stand up to wear and tear and still shows the details of the raffle because oftentimes, people leave small items in clothing and purses for an extended period of time. You have to make sure your event raffle tickets are functional within the event period and beyond to ensure the raffle ticket winner will successfully claim his or her prize.

4. Hire Sales Experts

If your main goal is to sell all your raffle tickets, then you have to look beyond family, friends, and supporters as sellers. Consider hiring sales experts to professionally promote your modern raffle tickets. Aggressive yet fun sellers are best in maximizing your raffle.

5. Go Online

Everyday, millions of people use the internet to check the social media sites and casually browse the web. The web has already become everyone’s daily destination for news and entertainment. Thus, it is a great opportunity for selling raffle tickets online. But first, you need to have your own website. And when you already have your active website, share your raffle page using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to invite more people to join the event and raffles.