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How To Make A Raffle Ticket Template in Word?

A raffle is a form of gambling where people obtain numbered tickets, each ticket has a chance to win a prize. Random numbered tickets has a corresponding prize on it so whoever gets the ticket that has a corresponding prize is lucky enough to take it home after the draw. Do you know? That the odds of winning a lottery jackpot like Saturday night’s $350 million Powerball drawing are roughly 1 in 292 million based in Harvard proof on odds of winning multiple lotteries.
Fundraisers are also using a raffle ticket for drawing lucky winners to win a prize and to help acquire their goals to help the less fortunate. In order to make a raffle ticket, here are some tips that might help you.

1.set Goals

If you want to have an event that requires you to have a raffle ticket, you need to set your goal on how much money you want to raise especially if you're aiming for a fundraising event. Try our editable ticket if you're looking for an alternative ticket format.

2.set rules

Every game has its own rule. So, you must also set rules for your event. Keep it simple, for example, State the rules of your state where you want to conduct your event, be clear about the discretion in handing out the prizes, and lastly, every person who wishes to participate in your event and whoever wins the prize should be present. If not, then another draw must be held if the person who wins the prize is not there. To track down the people who participated in your event, you have to have a timesheet.

3.set prizes

Raffle games are expected to have at least a winner for a major prize at the end of a draw. But that is not limited only for a major prize, it also has a first, second, and third-place prize for a specific raffle draw. In order to acquaint people to join your raffle game, you have to have a prize that would draw them to purchase a raffle ticket. It may be gadgets, kitchen appliances, movie ticket or you can also make discount vouchers for those lucky winners.

4.set draw dates

Your raffle game wouldn’t be complete if you don't have draw dates. You need to set a date for your raffle draw. This is the most exciting part of hosting a raffle game, everyone who is into the draw would be anxious to know who is the lucky winner of the prizes that you have prepared. You also need to track every transaction that you’re making so, why not try our ready-made accounting invoice for a hassle-free transaction.

5. Print it

After putting all the information on your raffle ticket, you can now print the raffle ticket that you want based on the event that you want to hold. You can distribute it to anyone who is willing to be part of your raffle game or you may advertise your raffle event online or make a website template to gain a number of audience for your event.