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How to Make a Sample Ticket in Apple Pages?

Tickets are used to vouch for an individual or a group to be admitted or to enter into an event — such as a concert, carnival, musical, feast, party, etc. — or a particular area — like the restricted area in the airport that needs a boarding pass to enter, and others. Moreover, most of the are bought but some are given freely.

We provide you useful techniques and guidelines in creating a good ticket in Apple Pages.

1. Come up with a Theme

It is necessary to have a topic in creating a particular craft so that you will know your purpose and you will be aware of the dos and don'ts. Hence, if you want to create a fundraiser ticket or a sample ticket for a raffle, at least choose a motif in order to have something to adhere to. It can be an easter-egg hunt fundraising, fun-run for a cause, or others.

2. Compose the Layout

There is a wide variety of templates to choose from, select the best sample ticket template that matches your event and its cause. There is no need to select a file format since the templates are exclusively available in Apple Pages file format. Moreover, you have the option to be creative, to be professional, or both in putting up the design components. All you have to make sure is to make your layout relevant and in line to its purpose and motif. Hence, in order to come up with engaging sample tickets, you have to design appropriately. For example, you want a minimalist craft, then use monotone colors or a single color scheme, simple fonts, plain border, lines, and shapes. Each element may be simple but when you combine them together, they result in a good and simply attractive ticket.

3. Content is Important

Proceed in writing the significant details if you are done designing and customizing the template. The content should be composed of the following: the title of the event; the ticket number; the time and date of the upcoming program; a brief explanation about the event; the name of the company or organization together with their logo and slogan; the price of the ticket; the indicated number of how many does it admit; and the contact information and address of your institution. Ensure that these details are written comprehensively and the tone used for the slogan and explanation are appealing because these things are essential for branding.

4. Call to Action

Call to actions help in making your craft enticing but not to the point that it will sound demanding. Their main function is to draw on a quick response or action from your possible customers or even from your loyal clients. Hence, the following are some examples of a call to action: "sign up for free", "call us", "for more information contact ...", and more.

5. Check for Errors

Creating mistakes cannot be avoided; thus, reviewing your work to guarantee that the result will be perfect should be done. Be keen in proofreading and immediately correct the wrongs that you have committed.

6. Carefully Print Them All

Do not compromise the quality of your tickets by printing them into plain paper. Tickets should be produced on a high-quality printing material to achieve the best results. You cannot sell stubs of it if you will invest; therefore, you need to pull out some financial resources and buy a great kind of paper to use. If you already have the printing medium, proceed into producing enough number of tickets to sell or give away.