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What is a Sample Ticket in Microsoft Word?

A sample ticket is a piece of document that grants the holder admission to an event. These specific type of ticket is downloadable and editable in Microsoft Word and has a file extension name of .word.

How to Craft a Sample Ticket in Microsoft Word

Crafting a sample ticket template word is easy and has the most convenient process. However, in order to have a memorable and effective ticket template, there are some important points you need to take in mind. Here are some notes.

1. Choose the Right Template in Microsoft Word

There's a wide variety of sample ticket templates offered in Microsoft Word. This includes concert ticket templates, movie ticket templates, fake plane tickets, and other event tickets made ready for download and are editable. Determine what is the ticket made for and settle with a theme. The ticket design must be relevant to the theme and should remain consistent all throughout.

2. Think of an Eye-Catching Headline

For whatever event the ticket template is made for, you can make it more appealing and more attractive by putting up an eye-catching headline. Break over from the traditional headline such as "Happy Birthday", or just simply putting the event name. Put more effort into adding flavor to your event name or maybe use a catchy phrase before introducing the event title.

3. Pick the Right Font Type and Size

The common dilemma in making sample ticket templates is always in picking the wrong font type and size. Two of the most important things you have to consider when making a sample ticket is the ticket's size and the number of texts that you are wanting to place in your template. Raffle tickets, for example, are very small in size, so it's appropriate to use casual and professional font types as they don't have to be that artistic, only informative. Microsoft Word offers a wide variety of font types, browse through and pick the right one.

4. Keep it clutter-free.

Tickets are design-type of templates, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to chunk it up with designs. Simplicity is attractive. Don't hesitate to explore through Microsoft Word's design-maker features. If you want to use images as your background, Word has a feature that allows you to adjust an image's transparency to make the texts more noticeable. Use royalty-free graphics for design vectors to retain high-quality in your printable ticket.

5. Incorporate Branding Elements and Security Labels

Make your ticket more secure by putting up a bar code in it. This security label contains all the vital information regarding the event and the details of the ticket holder. Another important element to incorporate in your ticket is your branding element. One example is with concert tickets. These type of events pretty much has a sponsor or a company behind it. These businesses or organizations can place their logos on the ticket template for promotion.