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What Is a Sports Ticket?

A sports ticket (also known as sports event tickets) is a small paper document purchased by an individual from a legitimate ticket seller so that he/she may be granted access to an upcoming sports event or tournament. It could be a basketball game, a baseball game, a football match, a soccer match, an MMA match, a boxing match, a tennis match, and so much more to mention. Nowadays, most sports tickets are purchased through online bookings, which is considered by sports fans as a sure seat rather than purchasing it on the day of the sports event and at the venue itself. A sports ticket can also double as a raffle ticket due to the fact that some sports events have a raffle segment as a sideshow during halftime breaks and timeouts.

How to Create a Sports Ticket

A sports ticket is not just a ticket, it can also act like a promotional material so that an upcoming sports event will make waves in the sports world. For that reason, we have gathered a few tips on how to create an effective sports ticket.

1. Use Reliable Tools and Software

Creating a sports ticket is quite difficult without the proper tools and software, especially if you're not an expert designer. Among the best software to use in creating sports tickets are MS Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, and Pages. Why? It's because this software have the right tools and features that enable you to personalize and customize a sports ticket as much as you want. In other words, you have more creative freedom in user-friendly software. You can also opt to use a ticket maker software, or download sports ticket templates.

2. Attach Relevant Images

You must attach images that are in relation to the upcoming sports event. For instance, if the sports event is an NBA Regular Season Game between the LA Lakers and the Golden State Warriors, then you can attach an image of Lebron James and Stephen Curry. If it's a UEFA match between Juventus and FC Barcelona, then attach an image of Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonel Messi. This kind of method of attaching images of players is advisable because it improves the games' marketability.

3. Add Enticing Texts

Another part of a sports ticket that contributes to a sports event's marketability is the texts. Hence, write one that's enticing. In most cases, the names of the teams or players alone are already enticing, such as "Toronto Raptors V.S. Golden State Warriors Game 7 Who Will Be The Champion?" or "Manny Pacquiao V.S. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Rematch". All you have to do in cases such as this is to enhance the texts. You can use artistic fonts or set the letters to capital and bold.

4. Make Indications For Special Tickets

There are a few types of sports tickets depending on the seat it's selling and its price. But tickets that have a special offer must have an indication that it's a special ticket. For instance, a VIP ticket that offers a special seat and unlimited rounds of beer must have a recognizable mark on its design that's distinct from regular tickets. You can probably add a golden tag on the ticket's upper right corner or anything that implies it's a special ticket.

5. Specify Time, Venue, and Seat Number

A golden rule for sports tickets that you must follow is to specify the sports event's exact time, its venue, and the seating chart number represented by the ticket. Those three are the most important info that must be found on the ticket. If you don't specify them that much, it might confuse the ticket holder, and ultimately misleading him/her.