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What Is a Sports Ticket?

A ticket is a voucher that indicates that an individual is entitled to admission to an event or establishment such as a theatre, amusement park, or tourist attraction, or has a right to travel on a vehicle, such as with an airline ticket, bus ticket, or train ticket. In this case, a sports ticket entitles an individual to sports events such as basketball, football, baseball, or soccer among many others. The ticket may be valid for any seat “free seating” or for a specific one “allocating seating”. Sports tickets can be purchased through ticket booths or through ticket sites online.

How to Make a Sports Ticket Using Microsoft Word?

A sports ticket is not limited to being a proof for admission but it can also promote the event and possibly win raffles. When you’re making your own sports ticket, you have to make it visually attractive enough to generate interest in people and make them eager enough to attend the sports even. Making it through Microsoft Word might be difficult but follow these steps and you’re unlikely to get lost in the process.

1. Creating a Ticket Template

The first step in making a sports ticket in Microsoft Word is typing “tickets” into your search bar. The good thing about the Microsoft update is that you can now search for more specific terms like “concert tickets” or “event tickets” or even “raffle tickets”. You get less specific search terms in most results but you have the luxury of customizing them. You can see the template examples in the resources section. Just review the given option and double click a template. It’ll take MS Word a few moments to download your desired design. Review the template to see what you’re going to have to change and observe how many ticket replicas are available on the template.

2. Adding Content and Font Settings

To add the name of the team, their opposition, and other important information, you have to click on the top-left ticket of the template. The highlighted placeholder text will vary by template but you can type over the text. To change how it looks, just go to the home tab and change the font section to the color, font, style, and alignment according to how you want it to look. Click into any of the placeholder text to add the ticket number and add the event information.

3. Inserting Images

To add an image into your ticket, click on the “insert” tab and click the “pictures” button to insert your custom pictures. If you want to insert clip arts, you can click on the “online pictures” button. To change a generic picture, just right click on the image, select “change picture” and choose the image of your choice.

4. Creating the Ticket Design

The next thing we’re going to do is change the background design and color. To change the color, go to the “page color” button and select a colored square to change the background color. You don’t have to do this if your paper already has a background design or color.

5. Finishing Up

When you complete the design, you can go ahead and save the file. If you plan to print out your tickets, just duplicate the tickets, edit their numbers, and print the copies. It’s best if you print according to your printer’s capacity.