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What Is a Travel Ticket?

A travel ticket is a tool that will be used for the whole journey of your travel. It will grant you passes for transportation, accommodation, and even to the tourist’s spots that you will be visiting. Travel tickets were made and will be given by travel agencies that have offered a travel package to a tourist. It is useful for the tourists because it will be their way of access to all the things they need to do in the travel. As for the travel agency, the travel ticket will be an indication that their agency is credible and is registered by the tourism management.

How to Make an Editable Travel Ticket in Adobe Illustrator?

Travel tickets are usually for access to transportation. The means of transportation that the tourist will be using on their travel will look for the travel ticket in order for them to let the tourists have a ride. Creating a travel ticket sounds easy but still needs to be given a lot of effort to make it more trusted and at the same time to make it look good. There are steps below for you to follow so that you can make your own travel ticket without hassle on Adobe Illustrator.

1. Creating a Rough Draft

Before you start using Adobe Illustrator, you have to create a rough draft of your travel tickets layout. If you do have a design in mind then you can follow it up by making more sketches so you can have a variety of options. That way it helps you think of incorporating alternate designs and maybe even mix two or three of them into a single layout. You can make your drafts on a piece of paper if you’re more used to the traditional method. When you finish, you can scan it or if you don’t have a scanner you can take pictures and upload it into your computer. You can also use Adobe Photoshop to create your draft and save the file into a JPEG file to download it faster.

2. Designing the Travel Ticket

Now that you have an idea of what your ticket will look like, you can begin using Adobe Illustrator to make the tickets. Because Illustrator is more vector-focused, you should be able to achieve your design quickly. Set your file to a CMYK setting so when you have it sent out for printing, the colors will look exactly like how you made it in Illustrator. The dimensions of your ticket can be adjusted to the actual size of the ticket so when you have it printed out, you won’t have too much trouble.

3. Putting In Important Information

With your ticket all set, now we add the content and important information. Again, you have to pay attention to the spacing and layout. Keep the important information like your company details and contact information and logo visible. It would be better to put these details in the back so information like where the ticket takes you and what time or who owns the ticket will be up in front.

4. Printing and Distribution

Now that your ticket is ready, make sure that you proofread the details and change mistakes you find. When you finish proofreading, your ticket is ready to be printed. The distribution can occur in ticket booths or you can make it available for online platform.