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What is a Training Certificate?

A training certificate is presented to a trainee upon finishing a specific training course or program. Its purpose is to provide information on who exactly managed to complete the training, what type of training that the individual managed to finish, and when exactly he/she managed to finish it. So if one were to have doubts on whether or not if another individual has concluded a course or program, the person in question can show this as proof of completion.

How to Create a Training Certificate?

1. Consider the Certificate's Design

No matter what type of training completion certificate you are going to make, you have to consider what kind of design it should have. It is best that you stick to one that is simple as to not overload the recipient with unnecessary visuals. Consider what design best represents the business before choosing the one you want to go with.

2. Provide Infomation on the Company or Organization

It is important that you point out the company or organization that is responsible for providing the certificate. Start by placing the company or organization's logo at the top along with their name. Make sure that the size of the image isn't too big as you don't want it to take too much space. Then include the address and contact details as it will be helpful in the event that the recipient has any questions or concerns.

3. State Who It's Being Certified To and Provide Details

You must then provide the complete name of the person that has undergone and completed the training. Be sure to include his/her first and last name to avoid any issues concerning identity. And same as achievement certificates, you will need to provide details on what the trainee has finished. Point out the type of training done, the date it started and the date it ended. Lastly, provide information regarding when the certificate is being awarded. Make sure to put in the month, day, and year when writing down any dates into the document.

4. Have It Signed By the Individual In Charge of Overseeing the Training

Next is for you to provide the complete name of the instructor on the merit certificate. Make sure that you also provide his/her position title when doing this. Lastly, you must have his/her signature signed above their name.

5. Have It Signed By the Individual That Should Issue the Certificate

This is something that you should never forget as there will be those who will want to verify the information on the individual responsible for approving the certificate. Much like when presenting information on the instructor, all you have to do is to write this person's complete name and position title. In a school setting, your school certificate should indicate the name and title of the teacher and have them sign over it.