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What is a Christmas Voucher?

Christmas is the season of joy, gift-giving, and gain higher profit. As a business owner, it would also be the perfect time to gain profit as people would go crazy over Christmas shopping for Christmas gifts. What more way to alure customers to your business? Vouchers! Christmas voucher cards are a powerful tool that more businesses like a hotel, beauty and massage parlor, fitness gym, etc. to maximize your customers, especially for Christmas.

How to Create a Christmas Voucher

Better yet, personalizing your modern voucher would give you the absolute power to present your business. It would be also beneficial for your customers as it can be an ideal Christmas presents to give. Do you want a DIY voucher? Well, here are some tips that you can consider in creating your own Christmas voucher.

1. Market to Target Customers

According to research, most people would avail the most voucher at the Christmas season. Design your Christmas voucher to the preference of your target customers. Think about Christmas gift ideas to present that would pique the interest of your customers. Simple vouchers are a go-to when you do not have any idea as to what present you will give to someone. Include marketing messages like "Do you want an alternative gift for your loved ones this Christmas? Visit our store and shop for a variety of items you can gift."

2. Design your Voucher

Include and focus on the important content only than cramming too much information on the cover of your voucher. Blocks of texts will make the voucher less appealing. You can indicate limited edition Christmas to give them a sense of getting special for Christmas. For other terms and conditions, you can add it in the back portion of the gift voucher.

3. Choose Tracking Method

For you to track the redeemed custom vouchers, you will need an effective tracking method. If you hire a commercial printing company to print for your Christmas voucher, you can talk to them about it. If not, you can attach bar codes that would give the sense of uniqueness in each voucher. However, you can also go for a design that would allow you to write a certain amount directly. Whatever method you will use, consider as to where you will be writing the amounts.

4. Add Voucher Security Features

Vouchers are one of the things that are prone to faking. Fortunately, there are advanced security features that you can adopt into your Christmas voucher. You can indicate holograms, watermarked paper, heat-reactive inks, numbering, and micro texts. If it executes correctly, it can enhance the professional look of the voucher.

5. Choose your Paper Stock

After everything, you can now print your Christmas voucher. You can decide the size orientation of your printable vouchers. You can also have them in shapes that would signify Christmas like socks, Santa's sack, star, etc. You can use paper stocks that are above 150 gsm to ensure a high-quality and durable Christmas Voucher.