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What Is a Voucher?

A food voucher or a food coupon is supplied by restaurants or hotels in a form of discount vouchers, gift check, in exchange for meals they wish to order. These food vouchers are generally provided to low-income individuals and families on an occasional or ongoing basis. However, food vouchers can also be available to other specified populations (like valued or long-term customers, employees, etc.) and this may also be issued in a special paper or can be a digital coupon.

How to Create a Food Voucher

Since you are giving people a good offer by helping them cut off their expenses while enjoying their food, simple vouchers are important to make them eligible for such offer. Check out these steps and learn how to create your food voucher.

1. Determine Your Target Market

Before you give something, make sure you know to whom you would like to give it. It's hard to give something when you don't see a rejection coming. Therefore, it would be best to know who deserves them and who really needs those vouchers or coupons. Upon determining your target audience, try to do research especially on the specified population you wish to give your offer.

2. Proceed with the Referral

When processing for the referral, gather basic information from those who will benefit the sample vouchers. This way, you are able to identify the cause of their crisis. Especially when the community you chose is composed of the most low-income individual. In addition to identifying the crisis, this will also guide you in preparing suitable emergency food (in case they're victims of calamity).

3. Choose a Design Software

There are lots of design software you can use, including Microsoft Word (.doc), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, and Apple Pages. Make sure you pick the ones you are very familiar with and is more convenient to use. I personally recommend you use either Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign since all these have built-in editing panes and there are lots of tools you can select to customize your food voucher.

4. Make It Creative

Since you are making an offer, you might as well want to make it visually appealing in order to entice more beneficiaries. Custom vouchers or food coupons actually go beyond advertising; they went to public relations already—giving a good image to the restaurant or hotel rather than just merely promoting its brand. This is an investment that is worth it because someday, these people who availed food coupons will have an increase in their income and maybe someday they will be your highly valued customers—truly an investment worth doing for.

5. Present It Professionally

It doesn't mean you are giving complimentary vouchers to a specified population with low-income individuals, it doesn't mean you will give them a crappy piece of paper too. Remember to preserve their dignity as well. In another point of view, they do not just benefit from your offer, but you will also benefit from them because they will contribute to the increase in the number of your customers.