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What Is A Gift Voucher?

A gift voucher can be in the form of a card or piece of paper that is commonly used in stores in exchange for goods equal to the amount of value that is printed on it. It is often given out by employers or organizations as a reward or gift. Retailers, marketers, and restaurant owners also use gift vouchers as part of a promotion strategy in order to attract customers to visit and buy again from their stores. These vouchers can only be redeemed for purchases at the relevant retail premises and can't be converted to cash, these gift vouchers are also subjected to an expiry date if not used.

How To Make A Gift Voucher

how to make a gift voucher

There are seven ways on how a gift voucher card can actually benefit your business. One, it helps you establish a name for your brand by gaining top-of-mind presence, the demand for it is high during the holiday sales, engages with the customer, promotes useful data, convenient to use, easily distributed, and improves cash flow. Successfully create your version of a gift voucher coupon by taking into consideration the simple guide steps stated below.

1. Choose What Kind

Start by choosing what kind of gift voucher you are going to make. There are many of them that you can actually choose from, such as a restaurant voucher, spa voucher, or travel voucher. Your chosen kind of gift voucher will be the basis of your vouchers theme, layout, and content.

2. Go Into Details

As stated in the first step, the content of your voucher should relate to what kind of gift voucher you are going to make. Remember that the voucher content is the most important element of a voucher. Make sure that you provide all the necessary details needed in the content such as it's monetary value and the name of your store. You may also look for sample vouchers on the internet in order to give you more ideas on what to include.

3. Make A Layout

Make a sketch first in a clean pad paper that you want your gift voucher to look like. This will help you give an overview of how you can arrange and insert all the details in a small size card. By sketching it first, you will be able to correct easily what you want to change and insert fast what you think is lacking in the content and overall layout of your printable voucher.

4. Keep It Brief And Simple

As much as possible, construct the content of your blank voucher in a simple and direct manner. This is done to make sure that its recipient can easily spot the monetary value it possesses. One way to easily spot the monetary value it offers is to highlight it, separate it from other details and make it bold. Also, try not to overcrowd your voucher so that it can be made readable.

5. Make Use Of Bright And Catchy Colors

Did you know that according to statistics gift card vouchers are the #1 most requested presents during the holidays? That's probably because there is no need for money in using them. If you saw a gift card voucher, you'll probably notice that some of them maximizes the use of bright and catchy colors. That's simply because it's part of their marketing strategy, the more catchy your voucher will look the, the more it catches the attention of your customers.